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Main Game: Windows 10
My Game Name: QF-Charles (Plus any abbreviated priority items needed)
My Friend Code: 2057911YU (Please PM when inviting me so I know you're from the forum) Also, see below.

Game Status Level: 80
Stars: 700 (I don't chase stars...I gaze at them though)

Launch Pads: Green - Blue - Red

Items that I need:
See my game name.

Game Play:
I give priority to the alliance group and those with long-term gifting agreements.

If I receive gifts that are not requested, I won't be able to return anything. New players must realise that we have a daily limit on how many neighbours we can visit and send gifts to. This is why priority goes to those that gift appropriately. Please check my game name for any items needed. F20 is always welcome if you have nothing else I need.

New Neighbours:

If you require something that I can offer, I am happy to help.

Buildings of Interest -

(Assist with Space Launches)
6 X Planetariums
6 X Stone Castles
6 X Training Centers
6 X Cosmic Fuel Stations
6 X Research Labs
6 X House With A Pool
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