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    Back to school progress experience needed for each level

    Theoretically, if you begin the event with 2 level 3 building and are constantly use ads to help you get the pass, you can barely finish it at day 10. So G! didn't lie about its possible to complete. It is simply not realistic. :oops:
  2. ppzz18

    Riding The Comet 2020 Award

    Finally done!
  3. ppzz18

    Quick Launch party Saturday 28-08

    request sent
  4. ppzz18

    Windows Lost Crsnt1 game

    @crescent moon friend request send
  5. ppzz18

    It Came From Outer Space 2020 Award

    finally 🥳
  6. ppzz18

    The Airport City Bank Daily Discount Sale Items On Offer To Forum Members (v8.0.11)

    here's two more for you. For some reason, one of my accounts doesn't have special offers show up. Do you know why?
  7. ppzz18


    already send you a request
  8. ppzz18

    Green Launch QL Party

    just send you a request
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