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In-game name : N30N
Level : 53 // Stars 127 // Hearts : 14
Friend code : 04pqnop1 ( If you add me, please let me know through tag or pm )
Time Zone : GMT+6

Android user

Everything Updated on : 13-11-2021

I only send gifts mentioned along with username or in signature, please don't send me anything I haven't requested, if you need anything - just ask away, thanks!

  • FLIGHT ITEMS : Fuel 20
  • EVENT ITEMS : --
  • Vending Machine, Transparency Meter, Beverage Cooler, Intercom, Stabilized Binoculars, Riveter, Passengers [5], Fuel [3], Computer, Air Conditioner, Fuel Catalyst, Generator, Welder, Bath Towel, Paint, Tesla Lightning Rod, Landing Lamp, Copy Machine, Projector, Dispatcher Console, Radar, Rope Block, Guestbook, Fuel [20], Passengers [10], Powerful Radio Transmitter, Video Wall, Flight Helmet, Flight Goggles, Textbook, Slide Rule, Server Rack, Packaging Machine, Spaceship Engine, Stapler, Calculator, Whiteboard, Fuel Supply, Power Source, Drill Machine, Insulation, Aircraft Tire, Ergonomic Chair, Smoke Detector, Great Shots, ATM, Imprinter, Single-Malt Whiskey, Fuel Additives, Wide-angle Binoculars, Weather Display, Communication Antenna, Shredder, Cash Counter, Stamp, Additional Radar, Loader, Master Plan, City Model, Spare Wire, Amperemeter, Lining Plate, Hull Parts, Laser Cutter, Landing Gear, Cognac, Strobe Light, Flight Catering, POS Terminal, Security Camera, Anti-Theft Gate, Glass Display Case, Cooling Chamber, Defroster, Archive Box, Machine Oil, Navigation Module, Fuel Hose, Altimeter, Transmitter, Makeup, Spare Propeller, Deicer, Grinding Machine, Spoiler, Warning System, RDF, Differential Relay, Lamp Shade, Dryer, Blanket, Attitude Indicator, Glazing Machine, Hydraulic Cylinder, Autopilot, Earplugs, Fruit Lollipop.
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