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    Back to School 2020 Award

    Thank you!
  2. Long

    Student Residence Hall & Educational Halls

    @Aviatrix @TimP @Lev @NjS28 @Major Tom @rcmq9 @geodude @GuruDrew @Mo @Deep : I have sent requests, please accept. Need help on SRH level 1 and EC level 2. Thank y'all!
  3. Long

    Riding The Comet 2020 Award

    Thanks !
  4. Long

    Quick Launch party Saturday 28-08

    Requests sent to all listed, thank you for organizing.
  5. Long

    Friday Ql launch

    Sent friend request, thanks.
  6. Long

    Valley of the Kings Curse 2020 Award

    Thanks !
  7. Long

    Age of Ash 2020 Award

    Thanks !
  8. Long

    7.21 Out on Android, IOS

    Mine wasn't too bad on Android, took several extra minutes. But what I noticed is the drop rate for the event is like zero from guest planes and your own planes. Haven't received a single drop yet. BTW, long time no see :-)
  9. Long

    The Great Game 2020 Award

    Thanks !
  10. Long

    Riding The Comet 2020 Award

    Thanks !
  11. Long

    Down The Rabbit Hole 2020 Award

  12. Long

    Easter Cheer 2020 Award

    Thank you!
  13. Long

    Long-Awaited Mail 2020 Award

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