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Level: 80 | Reputation Level: 20 | Game name: Kelvint23

Items I need:
Town Hall Level 10 (Paper Cutter, Stitcher, Laminator), Terminal 11 (Patrol Robot, Sorting Robot, Self-Balancing Scooter), Control Tower 12 (Trackball, Ergonomic Keyboard)

Repair: Warning System

Items can send (mainly construction items / in A-Z order): Air Conditioner, Amperemeter, Anti-Theft Gate, Archive Box, ATM, Beanbag, Boring Machine, Calculator, Cash Counter, City Model, Communication Antenna, Computer, Cooling Chamber, Copy Machine, Defroster, Dispatcher Console, Document Detector, Drill Machine, Egernomic Chair, Generator, Glass Display Case, Granulator Grinding Machine, Guestbook, Hull Parts, Imprinter, Insulation, Laser Cutter, Lighting Plate, Master Plan, Observation Drone, Packaging Machine, POS Terminal, Power Source, Projector, Radar, Screw Press, Security Camera, Server Rack, Shredder, Smoke Detector, Stamp, Stapler, Stitcher, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Video Wall, Weather Display, Welder, Whiteboard, Wide-angle Binoculars
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