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    Age of Ash 2022 Award

    Windows: Android:
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    Weekly Bonuses are back

    The trail works, you need to log on to https://www.game-insight.com/ru/games/airport-city/play?meta=50dtd4lh5hnc to log in through that account from trail.
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    June events

    Age of Ash The Land of Opportunity
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    Rock The Sky 2022 Award

    Windows: Android:
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    General Rock the sky…. I’ve already give up hope 😞

    Both of my support games were given my first Jumbo assignment and have the highest Hawk aircraft. It saved me a lot of time ... but I regret all the players who happened in their main games, it's really annoying.
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    Rock the sky - oh come on.

    I don't understand, do they want to upset a lot of players? For example, by assigning tasks to planes that players do not yet own. I have probably not experienced such a whirlwind of negative comments on Facebook since last year it was not possible to play two events in a row on Windows. And...
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    Trail.gg Trail.gg on MS Surface? Does it work or nah?

    I solved the same problem with them for more than a month. I lost winnings from three events and they didn't solve anything. Eventually, I changed my traill account and all of a sudden it started working.
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    Spring is Here 2022 Award

    This is probably my last badge from event with manual speed up. It was boring event, I waste more time then I want. Next similar action I will skip and I'll focus on the more fun aspects of this game. Windows: Android:
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    Reserve Hangar level 4

    Construction Speed-Up 8 (may now be free) I confirm that acceleration is really free.
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    Spring Is Here 2022 Event Discussion

    That's it, I accelerated maybe dozens of flights and the most valuable thing was Junior Pilot, green none. It just hurts my joints from holding the mouse and I don't know if I will do something I enjoy more instead of AC.
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    Spring Is Here 2022 Event Discussion

    After one day of playing, my right hand hurts, which is not a good start to the action. :(
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    Easter Cheer 2022 Award

    Windows: Android:
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    On The Wings of Love 2022 Award

    Windows: Android:
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