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Updated 25 Nov 2019
exwhy-[items needed]
Level: 75 / Stars: 197
Code: 04hc6gi0 (Android) - please PM
Alliance: All New Tadashi
Location: Singapore (GMT+8)
Started: 25 Nov 2018


Flight: additional radar, F20

Can give
Flight: F20, P5, fuel catalyst, spiked tire, landing lamp, powerful radio transmitter, fuel supply, fuel additives, additional radar, spare wire, oscillating beacon, flight catering, navigation module, fuel hose, spare propeller, deicer, wireless compass, blanket, attitude indicator, earplugs, fruit lollipop, bed, e-reader
Repair: cockpit glass, aircraft tire, passenger seat, altimeter, differential relay, lamp shade, hydraulic cylinder, autopilot, pilot headset, HUD
Building: machine oil (RH3), wall speaker (T7), laptop (TH7), motion sensor (CT9), bath towel, ATM, welder, album, dispatcher console, rope block, video wall, spaceship engine, POS terminal, stapler, power source, communication antenna, smoke detector, laser cutter, weather display, master plan, air vent filter, washing machine, stabilized binoculars, glazing machine, hammer drill
Duty free: skin care, cognac, makeup
(Priority: Alliance > Neighbors who send what I need > Neighbors who indicate what they need)
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