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Recent content by crosswinds

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    QL Green Launch *Ramping down now* Just started QL

    Just sent a request to you satyaki
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    Looking for a QL Party

    Hi sent you a friend request my friend code is 0315ua6h
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    QL Party Friend Requests

    Kindly add me as a friend my friend code is 0315ua6h.. thanks
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    QL Party Friend Requests

    Please add me as well my friend code is 0315ua6h.. thanks
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    Red Launch Captain WH Rollins Standard Launch Flight Closed

    Hello Captain - Can you please add me my code is 0315ua6h Thanks
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    QL back on Pad

    Friend request sent
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    Special bonus

    I missed this.. how can we get this again ? Be kind to us AC ..
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    New Member in need of Alliance!

    Join us at Trans Aero Rus
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    The Land of Opportunity 2019 - Award

    Quest completed... Yay!
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    Green Launch All welcome, green launch

    I sent you a request as well from 0315ua6h
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    Need Help!

    Please add me for green launches - 0315ua6h . I am new to this. So please excuse any mistakes. Thanks
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    Green Launch Green Launch

    Please add me to the launch request my friend code - 0315ua6h
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    Red Launch CU next time - WEEKLY Sunday "LowCarb-Launch" (SF/EB burning)

    I am looking for one as well. Green launch.
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    Red Launch Red Rocket Carnival: Weekdays From Cape Carnival

    I am in.. noob question. How do i get started and contribute.
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    Weekend code for December 21, 2018

    Thank you Thank you @crescent moon.For the welcome and the code. It worked. Noted on the weekend only update. Cheers and happy holidays. Such an addictive game ;)
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