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I am new to the forum, and looking to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Gifts available for daily trading, supports have many left for F20.
Please send me a PM if you want to participate.

My city is still small, and likely not much use for visits at this time.... but growing rapidly! :)

Main account

Name : Crash-item
Level : 61
Rep : 15
Stars : 223
Code : 20FXNPRHU - I check the forum first, and delete all requests without looking unless I get a PM.
Gifts Sent : Without a prior agreement I will send an item in your name (if my level can), otherwise F20.
Gifts Recv : Items I need will be in my game name after the '-', if you can't F20 is always appreciated. Either way, thank you very much! :)

Primary Support accounts - Gifting daily (F20 only)

Name : CrashnBurn2
Code : 20FUPF644

Name : CrashnBurn3
Code : 3206EP7NP

This is updated regularly, please check back.
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