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yarcb is a windows 10 game
level 80
Friend Code: 207gh9kp I will refuse those who do not send me a pm when inviting me unless they are known to me.
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Thanks to all who helped complete :

Reserve Hanger upgrade 4 Exit Signs, Fire Extingusher

Priority :
Attitude Indicator, .strobe lights

Future building needs :
Major City side updated July 5, 2020. Tech side no change.

Gift update January 11, 2020
Building Parts :
Specific Buildings :
Airship Dock
- Sandbag/ Baggage Hall - Transmitter/ Cosmic Fuel Station - Robot Testor/ Flight School - Flight Helmet, Flight Goggles,Insulation,Slide Rule,Text Book, / Hotel - All Inclusive Bracelet/ Repair Base - Ampirmeter, Controller, Drill Machine, Generator, Hull Plate, Laser cutter, Lining Plate, Power sources, welder/ Travel Agency-Album.

General Building Parts -
AQir Conditioner, Anti theft gate, City Model, Dispatcher Console
, Defroster, Glass Display Case, Glazing Machine, Granulator, Master Plan, Optical Sight, POS Machine, Packaging Machine, Radar, Security Camera, Sliding Table saw, Smoke dectector, Video Wall, Washing Machine, Weather display/
Office - Archieve Box, Calculator, Computer, Copy Machine, Ergonomic Chair, Monitor Mount, Projector, Server Rack, Shredder, Stamp, Stapler, White Board/

Passenger Related Items
Duty Free -
ATM, cash counter, Filled Candies, Fruit Lollipop, Guest Book, Imprinter, Skin Care Products, Wide angled Binoculars/
Passenger items - Blanket, Ear Plugs, E-reader, Passengers 5 & 10, Sleeping Pill, VR Headset/

Airplane Items
Fuel Supplies -
Fuel 3 & 20, Fuel Additive, Fuel Catalyst, Fuel Hose, Fuel Supply/
Flight Catering

Flight electronic -
Level 21 and Below -
Additional Radar, Altimeter, Altitude Indicator, Navigation Module, Powerful Radio Transmittor, RDF,/
Level 22 and up - Autopilot, Heads Up display, Pilot Headset, VSI/

flight Repair
Level 21 and Below
Aircraft Tire, Cockpit Glass, deicer, Landing Lamp, Passenger seat, Spare Propellor, Spare wire, Strobe light, Tesla Lightening Rod/
Level 22 and up- Bed, Differential Relay, Hydraulic cylinder, Lamp Shade, Pitot Tube, Spoiler, Warning System/

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