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game name Cayo (*items needed)
friend code: please PM me
Level 80, skill stars 1400

notable buildings: (6) Training Center, (6) Planetarium, (4) Astronaut Academy, (6) Cosmic Fuel Station

support game name Cayo2
friend code: 04x9fsryr

Level 80, skill stars 609

support game name Cayo3
friend code: 200jyvqca

Level 80, skill stars 443


building items:
computer, air conditioner, generator, welder, do not disturb sign, copy machine, projector, dispatcher console, radar, channel bar, guestbook, video wall, flight goggles, flight helmet, textbook, slide rule, server rack, packaging machine, assembly robot, stapler, calculator, whiteboard, power source, drill machine, insulation, ergonomic chair, smoke detector, travel guide, ATM, imprinter, wide-angle binoculars, weather display, solar cell, shredder, cash counter, stamp, safety cone, master plan, city model, amperemeter, lining plate, hull parts, laser cutter, POS terminal, security camera, anti-theft gate, glass display case, cooling chamber, defroster, archive box, fire extinguisher, transmitter, TV panels, centrifuge, screw press, edge banding machine, air shower, water dispenser, compact photo printer

flight items:
passengers (5), fuel (3), fuel catalyst, landing lamp, fuel (20), passengers (10), powerful radio transmitter, fuel supply, fuel additives, additional radar, spare wire, strobe light, flight catering, navigation module, fuel hose, spare propeller, de-icer, RDF, blanket, attitude indicator, earplug, fruit lollipop, bed, e-reader, VR headset, sleeping pill

aircraft repair items:
cockpit glass, jet engine, passenger seat, gyroscope, spoiler, warning system, differential relay, lamp shade, hydraulic cylinder, autopilot, pilot headset, head-up display, pitot tube, VSI,

other items:
stabilizer, single-malt whiskey, eau de toilette, makeup
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