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Main: Cpt Igloooo <item requested>
Level: 62, Stars: 234, Hearts: 20, Reputation: 250
Alliance: Captains Club (lvl 5)
FC: 20hryb7pc - forum members please tag or PM me
windows 10

Gifts appreciated:
Leveling up to Control Tower (level 10):
Infrared camera (8x), Motion sensor (8x), Coffee machine (8x), Observation drone (8x)
Otherwise: F20, Gyroscope, Spare Propellor

Additional radar, Air conditioner, Aircraft tire, Altitude indicator, Amperemeter, Anti-theft gate, Arcade machine, Archive box, ATM, Autoplilot, Blanket, Calculator, Cash counter, City model, Cockpit glass, Cognac, Communication antenna, Computer, Controller, Cooling chamber, Copy machine, Defroster, Deicer, Demodulator, Differential Relay, Dispatcher console, Do not disturb sign, Drill machine, Dryer, Earplugs, Ergonomic chair, Flight catering, Flight goggles, Flight helmet, Fluorescent lamp, Fruit lollipop, Fuel (20), Fuel (3), Fuel additives, Fuel catalyst, Fuel hose, Fuel supply, Generator, Glass display case, Glazing machine, Guestbook, Gyroscope, Holographic display, Hull parts, Hydrolic cylinder, Imprinter, Insulation, Lamp shade, Landing gear, Landing lamp, Laser cutter, Laser level, Lining plate, Machine oil, Master plan, Navigation module, Packaging machine, Passengers (10), Passengers (5), Pneumatic cutter, POS terminal, Power source, Powerful radio transmitter, Projector, Radar, Rain gauge, RDF, Sandbag, Security camera, Server rack, Shredder, Skin care products, Slide rule, Smoke detector, Spare propellor, spare wire, Spoiler, Stabilizer, Stamp, Stapler, Strobe light, Textbook, Tour review, Transmitter, Video wall, Warning system, Weather display, Welder, White gold bracelet, Whiteboard, Wide-angle binoculars.

Support: DeepFreeze <item requested>
Level: 39, Stars: 79, Hearts: 16
FC: 03mtijkgk - - forum members please tag or PM me
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