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Valentine Event

Discussion in 'Airport City News' started by Sudip, 8 February 2018.

  1. Anybody having problems in connecting to the server this morning?? Cannot visit neighbours, cannot get gifts or send out gifts......
  2. The first carriage is supposed to be easy as is part of the side quest
  3. That doesn't seem to work for the drop from the motel. 2 days and zilch.
  4. I’m not getting drops from drive in cinema but motels ok
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  5. There always has to be one that doesn't drop. Real pain when you want to go finish quickly!
  6. For me it was before the reset time cannot visit or send or add and now is good but sure after few hours will be very slow daily its like that for about 8 to 10 hours perfect and then so bad.
  7. It’s a pretty essy event... It’s the first time doing this event so I started from scratch and right now, I completd the first two and remaining a few items to complete the last part after just 2 days!

    Hardest part is to get enough passenger to three star all destinations...
  8. same here.:(
    No, I haven't either. Also carriage workshops only give candy hearts to visitors and not event items.:(
  9. Hi All,

    I have downloaded both upgrades from yesterday. Neighbour's romantic buildings only drop regular passengers not romantic passengers. But when you have visited 5 items on your neighbour's city, clicking the romantic buildings says they drop romantic passengers !

    I thought the mini upgrade yesterday was meant to fix this :(

    I have raised a ticket with GI support.

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  10. Ali

    Ali 150+ Star Club

    A AAle Choport
    Does anyone know what is going to be given by buildings after valentine events? As we see that gives heart passenger now. What about after event ? Maybe Coin?
  11. They're passenger buildings, so it should be regular pass
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  12. As @TeresaLisboa say regular passengers.
    For and other buy the buildings now and if you dont have enough place in your city land just keep it in the ware house and take screenshot that you have it later any time you can build it when you have space.
    the screenshot because happen with me i have a carriage workshop from last year and its disappear from the warehouse this year.
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  13. The server is same problem few hours work fine and most of the day slow cannot visiting, sending, receiving, adding neighbors, launches, missing buildings.
    To be honest with you i am not happy with the event or any thing else because of the server.
    I miss the action and fighting and challenge in the launches we are happy before why Gi you did this change and cannot fix server problem how many players quit the game because of this changes before we are happy spend money in this game and now unhappy every event every offer before players post that they spend they buy they happy to support GI but now more than 2 months the server same problem.
  14. SactoDave

    SactoDave 500+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    Windows PC
    Please PM Neighbor and Gift Requests
    SDave, Derby, and Tatsu
    That is every morning for me, server does not connect until late afternoon.
  15. Gt city

    Gt city Administrator 800+ Star Club Administrator Active Member

    Android, iPad
    Gt city 5 | Gt city 3
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  16. Not a single drop from motel and drive in theatre...
  17. Navigata07

    Navigata07 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Top Monthly Post Winner

    Two issues with the event right now:
    1) Building drops are dismal, but especially bad for drive in cinema
    2) Very difficult gathering romantic pax. I can only fly turboprop and jets with the romantic passenger inflow. I was expecting neighbor visits to give romance pax, but to no avail (huge mess up)

    Still very optimistic though, but most these buildings aren't really worth keeping after the event, so one will be stored for each and the others sold. The pax building payout just isnt that great this year
  18. Ali

    Ali 150+ Star Club

    A AAle Choport
    Thank you Husam

    I think its not worth to keep them all for passengers. Coz it gives 20 pax in 4 hours. We may keep it for next valentine event.
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  19. kiss cafe gives 14/h, not too bad. however it's a bit energy consuming: 10 electrical units
  20. Ali

    Ali 150+ Star Club

    A AAle Choport
    Already built 5 coal station for these buildings to get just an award :)
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