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6.8 update

Discussion in 'Airport City News' started by Free2Play, 22 June 2018.

  1. Free2Play

    Free2Play Airport City Developer VIP Flyer Active Member

    Android, iPad, iPhone, Facebook, Windows PC
    Hey all,

    it’s that time again when I can share what’s coming in the next update for mobile versions and Windows PC. We’re targeting late June or early July for release.


    • The Land of Opportunity special event with a new reward
    • The event shop with iconic buildings like Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and Library of Congress
    • The event ratings for the brave hearts, as usual; end of season rewards are now given to everyone who participated based on the previous day results; Platinum league finishers still get unique end of season rewards
    • Daily Bonus reimagined from scratch, it’s now a long term affair with unique collections and buildings that can’t be acquired any other way
    • Updated UI: Gifts, Construction, Settings
    • You can now start hunting for additional items needed for unique buildings right after you start the construction of them
    • Settings menu now has a single on/off button for confirmation of all in-game purchases with Airport Cash and a new Social tab with links to our official pages on the web — don’t miss the fabulous airport_city Instagram account
    • Mystery Super Building 5 is coming as an exclusive random daily bank offer; you can get one of the reward buildings from past events for 199 Airport Cash with equal chances to get any of those: Central Post Office, Dali Theatre and Museum, Irish Pub, Fighter Monument, Print Shop, Radio Telescope, Steel Skyscraper, The Capitol, The Motherland Calls, Twisting Tower.
    • Minor UX changes: collectible item counter starts to show with one acquired item; if you speed up the plane repair with an item it gets back to hangar immediately; the alliance requests should now be sorted in alphabetical order; we’ve added a hint for skill stars on main screen and in the Flights menu; the requirements for next level auto collect buildings in the Store are now easier to understand, eg. you see right away you need to have 6 Bank Branches before you can build a Collection Agency
    • Many bug fixes
    Thanks for your continuous support,
    Ivan on behalf of the whole Airport City team.
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  2. Navigata07

    Navigata07 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Top Monthly Post Winner

    An interesting update. Keep them coming Ivan; great work from the GI team.
  3. There goes 10k Green's
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  4. Sounds great.
    Much appreciate your taking the time to give us a heads-up, Ivan. (y)
  5. I don't know those buildings, what are their features ? ?
  6. This looks exciting! Thanks for the update, I enjoy getting the previews.
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  7. Sound good , thanks for update .
  8. Awesome (y) and many thanks for this update :)
  9. That's all I saw. :)
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  10. Please, fix the breakdown rates.
    You have 70% alliance bonus (50% less plane/heli breakdown), then you landed 9 planes and 6 breakdown? Is it normal with 50% less breakdown bonus?
    I assume if you dont have 50% less breakdown bonus, you landed 9 planes and 10 planes breakdown. :LOL:
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  11. Yess
    Alliance list for requests put in order...………. Finally!!
  12. They give collectible items (Only Capitol)
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  13. ah ok ! thank you very much :D !
  15. Same happen with me land 8 planes and 9 breakdown :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  16. SimonDeng

    SimonDeng New Member

    Why I’m still on 6.7.
  17. Because 6.8 hasn't been released yet. This is a preview.
  18. SimonDeng

    SimonDeng New Member

    I see thanks for telling me this. I’m just too new for this game
  19. Navigata07

    Navigata07 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Top Monthly Post Winner

    Airport City now on IG? Perfect! Now I can post screenshots of my city as it grows
  20. M22

    M22 900+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    04ql4o2y (main tablet game) + ao5i9f7 (phone game)
    Seems OK, who's got gift shops? ;)

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