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Why do i bother

Discussion in 'Airport City News' started by Phil G, 7 August 2018.

  1. This is going to be a short one, as you guys can follow. I am sooooooooo feed up with the alliance ratings, you just have to look at this stupid players messing everything up again, and sorry we was so promised by GI to stop this. Nothing has changed, i have a Alliance of 20 now whats the point when these ********* get away with this rubbish. Really Ivan please look at this rubbish and tell me this is acceptable for the players my players that pay for extras to be better. Well im not going shout any more as you guys can carry on, and there are more screen shots you only have have to look at the top 3 idiots for your self and i hope they read this thread because they are very sad and need to waste there time somewhere else
    Screenshot (13).pngScreenshot (14).pngScreenshot (15).png
    Last edited: 7 August 2018
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  2. YDL done 1000+ flights to numerous cities, robbing people of chance to get first place and he still can’t get near this guy! Games becoming a joke and it’s not just high end players who are affected by these cheats.

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  3. Natholian1

    Natholian1 500+ Star Club

    It’s just disgusting and selfish and something that AC really had to get on top of. And I just don’t get why they do it - what sense of achievement do you get when you achieve something by cheating?
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  4. They are a professional hackers :bored:
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  5. I have never seen Alliance rankings mostly Top-5 being fair except once recently. There's always few player's who are there to spoil fun of thousands other's.
    Sometimes it's ydl this time it's Sasha.
    I am just tired of complaining or reporting.
  6. Surely what gets uploaded to the GI Servers can have some sort of CRC check so if the payload has been hacked it just gets rejected?
  7. Yes professional idiots more like it, and if GI want players to pay for a monthly subscription, they have to so get on this rubbish, because we are getting a bit peed off with this now, there is no excuse.
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  8. It's totally embarrassing and dismissive of us as paying customers, it's too bad they can not stand behind their statements, I'm not going to pay even a cent until there's a dramatic change in their attitude
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  9. That’s no excuse. Professional hackers try to hack banks every day. So banks employ people to stop them. These people are programmers. GI has programmers...

    Saying “they’re professionals so we’re throwing in the towel” doesn’t cut it.
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  10. someone could explain to me what reason could be to legitimate those players ?

    I know that everybody is innocent before we bring the proof of guilty. Those screenshots are not evidence ?

    We know the case where G! gave thousands greenies to someone because G! accidentaly removed his city. But, here, what is the reason ?

    What do we do not see ? It must have Something we don't know to make G! let them operate...
  11. A Merryflyer

    A Merryflyer Active Member

    A Merryflyer
    I am pretty sure a school child could work out that:

    1. 200,000 + 2,564 + 1,767 ≠ 9,740,716

    3. 13,427 + 11,348 + 4.964 + 38 ≠ 4,586,497

    So GI clearly can as well. I can only conclude GI have no motivation to actually tackle obvious cheats. This is simply disrespectful to their legitimate customers and makes a mockery of the many statements of identifying cheats.

    I was hoping that the screen-shots in the YDL thread would create a chronology of how two alliances in particular had advanced during the week, giving compelling evidence to GI that something was wrong (members changing repeatedly, alliance owners changing, passengers totals completely miscalculated and increasing by 1 million+ in the space of a minute). Sadly that thread was closed due to drifting off topic.
  12. Arggers

    Arggers 150+ Star Club

    Android, Windows PC
    As Liam once explained, they get one of the cheats to get massive numbers, then join the alliance to get those numbers counted, then they leave...

    This thread >> DEYAMO- GI can’t count?

    Anyone still going to defend this, or not call it cheating, or say that GI care about it?
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  13. I think GI should give us assurance that they are seriously going to tackle this issue and have a timeline on when this issue will be resolved.
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  14. Gi cannot do anything before they found the code that these hackers use it and i think with my little experience in this type of hacking there is 2 way for the hackers to do that
    1- they found the code that connect to the server and they hack the file and change the amount numbers for the passengers and then wait to update the server as we see the result in the screenshot above.
    2- Leak the code from Gi company from employee
    Gi cannot do any thing before they fix it and if not so cannot ban them because if they ban them they can came back in same moment so the winners is hackers.
    I think Gi work on it because they cannot leave them for long time its company reputation and its challenge for both side Gi and Hackers.
    In the end must one win who is he ;) if Gi want to fix this they have a lot of work not for these players only they must Fill gaps in the program and dont leave any chance for future someone can hack the game.
    This is not a temporary its must be forever fixed.
  15. I agree with @Husam, it’s war between Gi and hackers. ;)
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  16. LjGibbs

    LjGibbs 150+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    Windows PC
    Yes, and the victims in the war are all of us :rolleyes:
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  17. A Merryflyer

    A Merryflyer Active Member

    A Merryflyer

    Or GI could just sanity check any players with more than say 1 million passengers a week. Or any player with more than for example 500k passengers a week in the first month of play.

    They could review the top rankings and apply common sense.

    So maybe its an hours admin a week on the part of an intern at GI, rather than a war.

    [Or just make the reward for the top 20 alliances the same].
  18. Yes like any war . ;)
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  19. It’s difficult to do it with 10 millions players .
  20. A Merryflyer

    A Merryflyer Active Member

    A Merryflyer
    There are not ten million players flying over 1 million passengers a week.

    Many of us do it... we look at Top 5 alliances, why apply some common sense and we work out which ones are questionable, then we do some simple digging and we find examples which are clearly not achievable, like a player this week adding 1.2 million pax over a five minute period.
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