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Share your top 3 weekly rank

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Husam, 13 August 2018.

  1. Hi all,
    I create this thread to let you share your top 3 only in weekly rank screenshot in flights and launches during the years by post a screenshot to approve it.
    There is many ways to share your screenshot not just upload it to the forum you can upload it to other website and post the link here i am always upload a photos and share with other in this web site:
    Also you can share from your Facebook or twitter or Instagram ...etc
    here some screenshot for my accounts that been in top three weekly rank.
    11.7.2016 HMYH 1st Green launch
    22.8.2016 HMYH 1st Hong kong
    22.8.2016 HMYH 2nd Red launch
    12.12.2016 HMYH 1st Blue launch

    18.9.2017 HMYH1 1st Bali island
    12.10.2017 HMYH1 1st Yerevan
    25.12.2017 HMYH2 1st Canberra
    6.4.2018 Husam 2nd 1000 Red launch
    Same the above launch party [​IMG] but this one [​IMG] hit the maximum launch in a week
    30.4.2018 Husam 1st Blue launch
    Last edited: 13 August 2018
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  2. 13.8.2018 HMYH 1st Minneapolis
    13.8.2018 Husam 1st Montevideo
    13.8.2018 Husam1 3rd Maracay
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  3. The real reason let me take a screenshot every time when i reach the top three weekly rank because in 29.8.2016 i was in top 3 weekly rank but not show my rank the Gi was make that time the connecting between windows players and android and IOS something happen in the server look to the screenshot and you will understand by the way Gi gift me the chest for both launches. (y)
    This photo i must be in 3rd rank
    This photo show that i must be in 2nd rank
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  4. @Husam

    Great performance ! Congrats ! !

    I will post TOP3 when I will be in TOP3 ! But, for the moment, I was 8th to North Observatory !
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  5. Congratulations @Husam for all Top 3 Rank you achieved .
    I achieved some top 3 but erase it .
    Good idea to post screenshot.
    I will start to take screenshot when hits top 3 and post here . ;)
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  6. Screenshot_2018-03-26-02-29-14.png Blue launch rankings 2018/03/25

    Weekly rankings 2018/08/14
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  7. WooHoo :woot::woot::woot: Got a couple of rewards this week!

    Tbilisi 8-19-18.JPG

    Fortaleza 8-19-18.JPG
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  8. Screenshot_2018-08-20-02-07-16.png
    My submission!
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  9. Very impressive - great job. See below all of my top 3 rankings:

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  10. Great job everyone!
  11. Quite proud of this one!
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  13. Wow ! ! Congrats ! !

    You beat Mitlain ! :D !

    And above all, you beat a Princess ! Be careful, Mario could be angry because you beat his friend...
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  14. congrats !

    Did you get around 10 items from those 972 flights ?
  15. No! They are very rare indeed. Got 4 but needed spyglass and sky captain on it at the beginning. Thankfully only needed one for the 10. Just 2 for Pattaya.
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  16. Really ? ? I thought with 1 000 flights you have 10 items ! (it is for turboprop), but obviously, it is not for PPD...
  17. getting myself confused. That was Egypt. Items drop like flies. Got loads of drops - cats, hat's, etc. Not alliance flight.
  18. getting myself confused too... I spoke about alliance flights whereas it is Egypt...

    (*Useless conversation*...)
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  19. Yesterday 19.8.2018 2nd rank in Lisbon
    20.8.2018 Husam 2nd Lisbon.jpg

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