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Adventure Quest for The Louvre

Discussion in 'Airport City Collections' started by Davescharf, 4 July 2018.

  1. I finally saved up enough fuel to give the Ancient World excavation flight destinations a try. For those newer to the game or not familiar with all the excavation flights, these ones require Jumbos. Since I have the collections for MesoAmerica, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, and Stonehenge complete, this was the last one I needed for the "Sands of Time" collection which gives you the Louvre museum every 6 times you complete it.

    Here's a summary of the drop rates using just a Golden Dice and one map to each destination. For passengers I also used 2 alarm clocks and 2 family tickets over the 2 nights I did this.
    Troy: 18 items over 67 flights
    Thebes: 18 items over 78 flights
    Delphi: 18 items over 60 flights
    Athens: 26 items over 100 flights (flew more here because I only have 2 Athens maps)
    Sparta: 15 items over 50 flights

    The 'net' is two Ancient Greek Temples and two Louvre Museums. Had I had enough passengers left over I'd have gotten 3 more drops from Sparta for a third of each. I also received 15 Sky Captain bonuses, 15 Golden chests (each with 3 gold tokens), and 15 Large Bronze Chests (with 1 gold token each. That's a total of 60 gold coins.

    Since Jumbos are needed this took 131,000 passengers and 51,750 units of fuel (probably closer to 52,000 due to weather, but there weren't a lot of weather delays).
  2. Well done. My next is Stonehenge. Its the time which is my issue. 6 hours in one block is lot. Wish GD were 3 hours not 6! Your drop rates are not bad.
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  3. Dafsade

    Dafsade Active Member

    PM me :)

    Thank you for sharing your exp ! It is impressive !
  4. 20% or a little higher seem to be what I’ve seen for Stonehenge, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. I don’t usually have 6 hours either but that doesn’t bother me too me. I try to get 3 solid hours in and set a goal for what I want to achieve.

    I have enough of all the maps except Athens so I might try getting the remaining 4 temples and Louvres without the GD. I know the rates won’t be as good but I also won’t need them in a hurry
  5. Thanks - once you get to the Powerful Deltas you need a lot of passenger buildings. I can fly 40,000 passengers with my current buildings if I have a Family Ticket active before needing an alarm clock. It’s these types of things that is why many longer term players have few coin producing buildings and use their land for passenger buildings
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  6. One Hundred and Thirty One THOUSAND passengers??? In SIX hours? Let me know when you update, I want to see what your city looks like! I have the space for more pax buildings but I haven't got anything bigger than the tower block as they get kind of expensive @ 80k+ each. Waiting for more events for more buildings and kicking myself for not building/warehousing more during Cinemania last year.

    Huge congrats, I'm about to start saving fuel for a run at my next collection, I reckon I'll need about 60k to do the Ancient Rome one.
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  7. It was 6 hours but I did it 3 hours a night on 2 consecutive night. I probably won’t update until I know the gifting bug is fixed but I’ll let you know.

    My city isn’t as vast as others (Bob69Bob, Wasted Eagle, AJ, Mo Elbo, and Derek all come to mind) but I have a lot of the different passenger buildings you can buy. I chuckle at the 80k cost comment because I have two of the 690k buildings that just came online.

    There are a few things you can do that really help.
    1. Build a magic square/magic garden. Mine sits at a +198% bonus right now for anything I put in it to collect
    2. Utilize videos: with a family ticket bonus, the magic square, and an emerald house I can get almost 400 passengers. Use a video to accelerate that building and you have 4000 passengers just from the one building
    3. Start with your fastest refresh buildings when you fly. The total pax numbers from those cheap buildings really add up over 3-6 hours
    4. Get the buildings that come with the collections. I flew a lot to Nepal to get the 18 collections for 6 Alpine Houses. There are other passenger buildings with some of the Condor destinations I’ll eventually get but I’ve gotten a couple of them just from the adventure building drops
    5. Bite the bullet on the extra expensive buildings. The only time I use many of my buildings are for maps but I’ve also bought them before the $1m plus terminal and town hall upgrades.

    I’m sure I’ll think of other things. It’s taken me awhile to acquire all the coins but that’s where the rocket launches really help
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