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General Quest flights

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by Spork, 5 February 2019.

  1. does anyone know if the droprate is any different between the different plane types? For example would the drop rate be the same for the dragon event using a jet to fly to Wenzhou or a turbo prop to Quindao?

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  2. They are all very seldom.
    Meaning those items won't drop until you consider giving up, getting annoyed, smoked some weed and get drunk. After you've done all of the above then and only then it will rain items.:cool::cigar::cigar:
    Or you can use bowl of riches together with sky captain and/or golden dice.
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  3. I dont think the droprate differ for different planes. It's just smaller planes are easier to speed up (less fuel and less passengers needed), at least that's what I have in my mind. I used 1 bowl of riches in the morning when all the planes are sitting there ready to collect, and I got quite a few dolls. Then I sped up the Dalian one to try to get few more dolls during the 1H duration of Bowl of Riches but the droprate was not as good as I expected.
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  4. It’s been discussed here in the past but the planes with longer flight times seem to have slightly better rates. I still think it’s just all random though
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  5. Very seldom. In some cases it means 'almost nothing'. :)
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  6. And when you've already tried all of those things?? LOL jk

    I'm just left waiting for 2 Calendar Umbrella's....haven't seen one for days.....
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  7. Wasted Eagle

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    Wasted (Eagle) *itemneeded
    It was confirmed by Ivan:
    Link: How drop rates work - my thoughts on it
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