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Android Passengers not counting

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Le petit prince, 1 July 2018.

  1. Does anyone else have the problem that passengers and flights are not counting? Since 30 minutes, my flights are no longer counted.
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  2. Barroa pilot

    Barroa pilot Member

    Barros pilot
    Mine as well alliances not counting
  3. I have iOS devices and pax weren’t counting before or after reset....normally I can reset the game to get them to start registering but nothing for past few hours.
  4. My first few alliance flights on my android game didn't count, but they are counting now. Windows flights are counting without a problem.
  5. Another bug which should have been fixed months ago. A little demoralising when your tasks fall just a little short after having worked all week on them. This ongoing issue is really, really poor form.
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  6. Helen Mc

    Helen Mc New Member

    Android, iPhone
    04tab6aa and Helen Mc
    Helen1 and Helen 2
    Yep both my iOS and Android are affected again too. It’s getting beyond a joke :mad:
  7. And again :-(
  8. Here it is another Monday and we’re missing yet more alliance flights. I am now missing 8 alliance flights from 6AM on. Attempting to submit ticket ... as yet no luck with new format.
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  9. I have the problem too , either flights or passengers not counting , and all Alliance team complain about not counting .
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  10. Just started on my android. Lost 8 falcon alliance flights and I know there are others who are worse than me.
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  11. Ticket #8411308
    Expected reply
    “We’ve checked our databases and all flights are being registered. Check your internet connection”
  12. It is ridiculous - salt to the gifting wound.:drowning::drowning::drowning:
  13. I had a small window of time yesterday when flights and task were registering. A few hours prior to reset is when this issue began...then several hours after reset flights registered...then 2-3 hours later...flights stopped registering. And I could literally see the task numbers rollback again like they were a few weeks ago.
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  14. Mine followed the same pattern. My alliance missed our 70% target when my last task fell short by less than 20 flights. I was using instant returns to finish them off but none counted and about 1500 fuel down the drain. So this issue that GI Helpdesk refuses to acknowledge exists, has ruined the work of 13 other players as well and wasted a mind boggling amount of resources. NOT IMPRESSED. :mad:
  15. So back to their usual...denial denial denial...it’s ur problem even though 500+ people have reported the issue...exaggerating...don’t know how many...and this time I can’t be bothered with them passing blame...everyone needs to submit a bad review on their app...I did and that’s when they wanted my tickets numbers etc so issues could be resolved....their updates never include issues that it’s designed to fix...what company has only positives....none except for GI...it’s amazing.
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  16. Is it a joke ? ? ?

    For players who don't pay real money, it is not a big issue. But for players who pay real money, it is not normal at all !
    When customers pay, they want a good service. Otherwise, they must be refunded. I don't know how it is abroad, but it is like this in France.

    When I order something with fast delivery, and there is delay, even 1 day, I ask compensation payement, and they give it to me. G!, you can be sure that it will not be different ! Because, as you know, you have to respect French right ! Be carreful, it can be really expensive !
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  17. I don’t think they respect anyone’s rights from a customer service stand point...you can probably find 100+ post about it..
    Also even if someone isn’t paying a cent for anything, everyone has the rights to respect and good customer service...especially since it’s a free app...(with in app purchases)...so $$$ is optional.
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  18. Maybe they don't ! But maybe because nobody did referral !
    They are not Google/Apple/Facebook... And they are submitted to each country's right where they sell something !
    The point is to take action !

    I totally agree with you ! But I can understand that when you don't pay, it is less important.
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  19. All of my flights are registering at this time on all games ...tasks also...let’s see if it continues
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  20. zenmie

    zenmie 350+ Star Club

    zen_(items I need)
    Since 3 weeks my flights/passengers are not counting on Monday morning. It takes at least a flights or 10 before the counts starts. Very strange

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