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26 April 2018 at 01:47
17 March 2018
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Well-Known Member, Female, from USA

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Please feel free to send me a request ... code in signature. 24 April 2018 at 12:22

Aviatrix was last seen:
26 April 2018 at 01:47
    1. Aviatrix
      Please feel free to send me a request ... code in signature.
    2. fertob
      Hi Aviatrix
      Would you mind if I add you as a neighbour? Need a friend from the forum. Many thanks.
    3. GAB
      Hi! I’m sending you a neighbour request if you dont mind! :)
      1. Aviatrix
        Absolutely! Good neighbors are always welcome! Feel free to drop by anytime!
        7 April 2018
        GAB likes this.
    4. Aviatrix
      Yeeehaaa - triple digits feels mighty good if I do say so myself. 150+ award her I come!
    5. Aviatrix
      Gonna’ break through the 100 Star ceiling this WE if it kills me!
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  • About

    June 6
    • iPad
    • iPhone
    Friend Code:
    Still running with a big “L” plastered on my windscreen, I’m focused on climbing the skill star ladder. I regularly upgrade my fleets as I fly both planes and helos continually on a 24 hour cycle.

    Aside from that, my secondary focus is on building out a robust manufacturing program so I’m ultimately able to make meaningful resource contributions to the city development and launches of more experienced neighbors.

    I’m looking forward to meeting new neighbors and building quality long term trading relationships!

    Please feel free to PM if you’re interested!


    Got your 6!

    Signature is a never-ending work-in-progress and updated daily for your convenience. April 23, 2018

    User Name:
    Skipper +item(s) most appreciated ;)
    Friend Code: 032kns2b
    ✈️ 57 | ⭐️123 | ❤️ 5
    Daily Player Since: 02/2018
    Time Zone: GMT/UTC -5

    Figuring this all out as I go, so your patience, feedback, input and suggestions are always welcome ...

    ... as are Good Neighbors interested in a quality trading partner!
    Please PM me if you’d like me to add you as a neighbor! ❤️

    PRIORITY - Additional Items for Completed New Construction

    Horn Antenna | Offset Gregorian Antenna | Vivaldi Antenna | Yagi Uda Antenna

    Assembly Jig | Platform Scale | Rotor Balancer

    Energy Saving Lamp

    Gifts Graciously Accepted - never expected: Highest Priority = RED

    ENERGY SAVING LAMP | Flight Catering | Fuel Hose | Oscillating Beacon

    Additional Radar | Airline Route Map | Album | Altitude Indicator | Anti Theft Gate | Arch Metal Detector | Auto Pilot | Blanket | Calculator | Defroster | Deicer | Differential Relay | Disposable Shampoo | Drill Machine | Earplugs | Eau de Toilette | Energy Saving Lamp | Flight Catering | Fruit Lollipops | Fuel (3) | Fuel (20) | Fuel Additives | Fuel Catalyst | Fuel Hose | Fuel Supply | Generator | Grinding Machine | Gyroscope | Handling Line | Head-Up Display | Hydraulic Cylinder | Hygrometer | Imprinter | Jet Engine | Landing Gear | Lamp Shade | Landing Lamp | Lining Plate | Navigation Module | Optical System | Oscillating Beacon | Paint | Pilot Headset | Perfume | Pitot Tube | Pneumatic Cutter | Powerful Radio Transmitter | Projector | Rain Gauge | Robot Tester | Silver Sickle | Single Malt Whiskey | Smoke Detector | Spare Propeller | Spare Wire | Spiked Tire | Transmitter | Tunnel Freezer | Video Wall | VSI | Washing Machine | Wireless Compass
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