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Mission Control Level 3 Antennae

Discussion in 'Trading Discussion' started by deficit, 16 January 2018.

  1. deficit

    deficit Active Member


    I'm currently building Mission Control Level 3 and I've heard that people are only able to gift the items to complete the building while they themselves are in the process of completing this building.

    I need the following items:

    4x Horn Antenna
    4x Offset Gregorian Antenna
    4x Vivaldi Antenna
    4x Yagi-Uda Antenna

    Is anyone currently building Mission Control Level 3 and/or able to gift these items? If so, please send me a PM and I will send you my friend code so we can add each other as neighbours.

    I am not currently able to gift these items but I believe that in 5 days time when I finish the initial construction of the building that I should be able to gift at least one of these types of antennae and will return the favour then.

    Also, anyone more knowledgeable than myself on this subject, please feel free to comment on the above and correct / add info as I'm not an expert in the subject.


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  2. I can send Horn from my Jaylines (2nd) account. My code in in the signature. My MCC will be completed in 2.5 days...so I should be able to send. And you should actually be able to gift one of the antennas while yours is under construction.
  3. I can also send Horn antenna if you need.

    Ive just this second started to build my MCC 3 too.

    @JayBee anychance you can send me a Horn Antenna? I can return whatever you need from my list. Thank you kind sir.

    Btw quite excited about doing Red Launches soon hehe, I’m like an excited child.
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  4. @Michael sure send a request to Jaylines and I can send...I need 1 more Horn Antenna and 3 Vivaldi Antennae.

  5. @JayBee
    Thank you, I will send request shortly and send you horn antenna.
    Server is slow atm, so can’t really do to much grrr

  6. @JayBee
    Ive sent request to both your main account and secondary account if that’s ok?
    I assume you need antenna to your main account?

    Can you use videos to collect antennas, or not?

    I also need 4 x Vivaldi
    And 2 x horn the rest I have been sent in the past.
  7. Accepted on Jaylines...and sent the Horn...Jaylines need the antennae. I have red pad on my main ...and it is down right now....waiting on GI to fix hopefully...yes you can watch videos after the 6th day of waiting ...that’s mainly how I complete buildings and how I finished my red pad on my main.
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  8. deficit

    deficit Active Member

    @JayBee @Michael hey guy's, sorry, didn't realise I had replies, my email notifications suddenly started going to spam. Hopefully fixed now.

    Requests sent to both of you.

    Nearly half way through initial build now of MCC3 and still no ability to gift any of the antennae. Pretty annoying, do you reckon that means I'm not going to able to send any antennae to anyone then? Obv if not I'm happy to send whatever else you need from my signature if you're happy to trade.

    I still need all of the antennae, 4 of each type.

    Thanks in advance!
  9. @deficit did you send to Jaylines? I don’t see it.
  10. @JayBee I have all my Horn Antenna now. So unless you still need them, don’t worry about sending more. Thanks for your support. X
  11. Thanks. So do I...Just under 24 more hours fore MCC3 and just need 2 Vivaldi...and I can watch videos if no one sends....my red pad has 2 days and then I can launch red on Jaylines.
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  12. deficit

    deficit Active Member

    Ah, have now sent to Jaylines, not sure what I sent it to before :-S
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  13. deficit

    deficit Active Member

    @Michael i have you as a neighbour now, what would you like me to send you in return for antennae, because it appears I can't gift any of the antennae :(
  14. @deficit
    Fuel(20), de-icer or Spare Propeller
    Although I can’t send anymore gifts until tomorrow.
  15. deficit

    deficit Active Member

    Me neither, we'll get on it tomorrow :)
  16. @deficit ...sorry I was horn...I finished building earlier today and it would not let me send another so I sent NM.
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  17. deficit

    deficit Active Member

    @Michael one more Horn Antenna tomorrow please mate :)

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  18. i am building it. it will take five days to built. then i need all the items. if anyone need assistant at that time like me then contact me....
  19. Donralz

    Donralz Well-Known Member

    Hey, looking for Antennas for my support accounts listed below in my signature. For some reason, those accounts don't have antennas as options to send (not sure why... any ideas?) even though I'm currently building the MC3.

    Anyways, if anyone's willing to gift antennas, it'd be appreciated. I can send anything listed in my sig.
  20. i also need antennas...

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