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Maybe dice is not working!

Discussion in 'Airport City News' started by Teboho, 18 January 2018.

  1. Almost everyday (and someday twice) I activate DICE with an intention to bulk up my launch preps however I suspect that there is something amiss because I see no improvement in the drop rate from flights.

    I maybe missing something here and your insights are greatly appreciated.
  2. Donralz

    Donralz Well-Known Member

    Don't forget. Dice only improves the chances of non-quest, non-collectible items. If you're trying to get more "Additional Radar" or "Gyroscope" then that's fine. But if you're trying to get more Astronaut Helmets or Infrared Telescopes, you're not going to see any improvement because those are "collections" items.
  3. Indeed, I flew 18 Giant flights Excavations: Eastern Europe with Dice and received 0 maps. Is that usual experience for Giant Excavations flights or not?
  4. Flip:mad::banghead:
    O-oh! I'm not alone!
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  5. I'm not sure if Dice really increase the chance of map drop. I tried it once and got 0 maps from 24 flights with Delta. For me the best strategy in map hunting is patience. I was sending 4-8 planes of same type every night and when they land in the morning, I got usually 0-2 maps. Now I have all maps needed for Jumbo and Giant destinations and now have to save fuel to use them :)
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  6. I get all the Excavations Eastern Europe, Oceania, Western Europe maps without use any bonus always the drop start after the second 2 star.
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  7. All the bonuses now is not make the same drop like before dont waste your time with Dice and Sky captain the only bonus work fine with me now is GD and i am telling its not same before in 2016
    I active the GD and i spend thousand of fuel and the drop still bad comparing for the same bonus GD in 2016.
    GI make changes with many things not like the previous years.
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  8. Navigata07

    Navigata07 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Top Monthly Post Winner

    Agreed. Used Sky Captain last weekend and the drop rate for regular items was still dismal. The only benefit to sky captain is the increase in funds and experience. Use them on your big bird flights and you will be rolling in dough :greedy:
    Golden Dice isnt as effective as it used to be, but of all the drop bonuses, this and spyglass for events are the only ones that appear effective.
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  9. I do the same as @Husam and fly without dice. I noticed an uptick after the first star. I've flown 75 flights and received 11 maps.
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  10. Thats bad luck and bad rng. Sorry. Very frustrating!
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  11. So whats 'enough' ? 3? Thats what i aim at, but there's always one that doesnt drop
  12. It's certainly better. I get 1 drop in the first 2 flights then it drops off, to pick up after first and then 2nd star.
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  13. Navigata07

    Navigata07 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Top Monthly Post Winner

    Think I'm going to try Sky Captain + dice. I may track the drop rate as well to see if the effect compounds or just adds. If it adds, then the drop rate should be about 30% vs the normal 10%, which I've observed with seldom drops in the past. If it compounds, it should be around 40%.
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  14. Wasted Eagle

    Wasted Eagle VIP Flyer Active Member 1000+ Star Club

    PM or tag for any request
    Wasted (Eagle) *itemneeded
    Spyglass: quest and event item drops (left side of the screen)
    Golden Dice: all collections (collection tab)
    Dice: flight/repair items and other non-collection resources

    Sky Captain: overall drop improvement and exp/coin bonus

    Don’t mix the SG, D and GD! You’re wasting resources...
  15. Darren Hawken

    Darren Hawken VIP Flyer

    Sandown Air
    Great help knowing this, thanks muchly
  16. So, does it mean that sky captain works the same as GD for collections?
  17. I usually do SC+GD(+BizClass) when flying for non-event Collections. Can’t say whether the drop rate is better but the positive impact on experience and money collected is huge.
  18. Hmm ok. I was wondering whether I can use SC instead of GD+Biz Class, but you use them all together!! :)
    I was a bit worried that someone said sc and gd cancel each other out.
  19. I do pretty much the same as @Pit1024.

    Sky Captain is an improvement on everything and improves your odds. I would never suggest using it instead of something else (unless you had no access to the better suited bonus) and it helps in all of the scenarios below..

    Excavation maps: Dice

    Adventure/Space/Alliance maps: Golden Dice. (also golden key if I’m trying to do Lots of flights with instant returns - more important when I’ve spent greenies on Golden Dice).

    Events and quests: Spyglass

    I almost always do these tasks with instant returns using a lot of fuel. At the same time, I try to always use Bu$ine$$ cla$$ to cash in on the turnover.

    There are anomalies to be discovered! Many have observed what @Wasted Eagle said above, don’t mix contrary bonuses ie, Dice/GD/Spyglass. It is a waste and suggested to have a negative effect than if the items were used alone. Our alliance gets the 70% bonus every week to reduce breakdowns by 50% - extremely handy with aircraft that need greens to repair. When we used the Golden Key (breakdown reduction of 90%) we expected almost zero repairs - in fact the breakdown rate skyrocketed!

    One last note for people doing adventure flights for the first time... the descriptions from everyone here are correct but, the first sequence of maps (Mesoamerica) are listed as part of the quests so the bonuses work slightly differently here than ALL other map scenarios ;).
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  20. Navigata07

    Navigata07 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Top Monthly Post Winner

    ....just your 50 cents :D:ROFLMAO:

    In all seriousness....appreciate it. The mixing of bonuses is interesting. Now I'm wondering if there will be an adverse effect in using SC and dice.
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