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Make A lot of Coins With Inconvertible Coin

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by chepito41, 8 June 2012.

  1. chepito41

    chepito41 Member

    Like the title said first of all I read this somewhere cant remember where if it was here or another site so credits goes to whom ever find this trick or glitch.
    1. you need the Inconvertible Coin, the one that increases your coins drop from all of your commercial buildings.
    2. visit your neighbors as much as you can every time you visit your neighbors the coins you collect will increase.

    This its what I did keep in mind I have:
    6 Eatery, 6 Romantic Cafes wich give coins every 2 Minutes
    6 Grocery Stores every 10 minutes
    6 gazebos, 6 Flower shops every 10 minutes
    6 Sweet Shop, 6 car Dealerships every 20 minutes
    6 Pharmacy, 6 Bowling Alley every 60 minutes
    and I have 3 Seafood Restaurant every 8 hours, 1 Movie theather every 24 hours and a sport shop every 24 hours all of this are out of the 3 hours that the Inconvertible Coin gives you time to collect.

    so I waited for my last 3 to had the money to collect but did not collected it untill like my Inconvertible Coin was about to expired like 20 minutes before.

    Method: Build as many of the Romantic cafe and eatery, I advise you to build Movie theater and sport shop, if you have other buildings that give you a lot of money DO NOT COLLECT THEM untill your Inconvertible Coin its about to expire.
    the trick its to visit your neighbords as much as you can every time you visit them the coins increase. exemple the movie theater give me 123000 thats amazing. try it out you will see I Confirm this works I made 2 millions so Im set to get all of my upgrades I think.

    Note: i honestly did not know that the sport shop and movie theather were going to give me that much money if I knew I would have drop some of the small buildings and build more of those, if you have the money build them trust me its worth it. also the small buildings keep me awake and intretaind another thing doring this process I never visited Madlen Airborn or turn off the phone or exit the game if you exit the game you loose the multiplier. so visit visit visit.

    I hope I explain it right. I forgot to mention that my phone its not rooted. and I'm running the latest version of the game. wich is 1.41

    Additional Note: Thanks to Lee post #13
    I just wanted to add one more thing: As long as you do not exit the game, you will get the multiplied amounts even after the 3 hours finish. My inconvertible coin 3 hour time period ended 10 minutes ago but I'm still getting 730 coins from romantic cafes and eateries.
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  2. Lee

    Lee Browser

    Nice, thanks! But don't you run out of visiting your neighbours eventually as there's a limit to how many you can visit in a day?
  3. chepito41

    chepito41 Member

    no there its not maybe to collect coins from them but I visit them a lot and I was mainly visiting one of them the majority of time, also land a guess plane everytime you came back to your airport
  4. Lee

    Lee Browser

    I'm trying this out in a couple of hours, once I know for certain my water park will be dropping a coin today. I'll let you know how things turn out.

    Thanks! :)
  5. chepito41

    chepito41 Member

    ok dont forget the more you visit the naighbords the more you will get. And do not exit the game while you are doing this ok.
  6. Vialino

    Vialino Well-Known Member

    How did you get the water park?
  7. Lee

    Lee Browser

    I bought the water park and built it in my city. It gives 504 coins every 3 days - it didn't drop any coins today but I'll check again tomorrow.
  8. chepito41

    chepito41 Member

    I confirm you on my alexcraig951 and waiting for your confirmation on alexcraig this its the one i need gifts on, the alexcraig951 its to send gifts I dont have on my main account alexcraig
  9. Vialino

    Vialino Well-Known Member

    Hi did confirm you.. I am just waiting to get my 20 gift back...the game did something on my 20 gift..It happens after the last update..It' s been 2 days with 0 gifts to send.I can visit neighbors but I can not profit from the....It happens before to other players. They do say that it was fix after 3 day. I guess I do have one more day to wait GRRRRRRR!!!!

    I am daily player So if I have my gift back of course you will get some gifts.
  10. Vialino

    Vialino Well-Known Member

    I do not know why but I can not visit your alexcraig951 account.....alexcraig is ok
  11. Eta

    Eta Browser

    Thak was my problem. Two days ago, i used coin but exit game so all businnes fail sadly. Now I read your great guide, but i have no more coin.....
  12. melony

    melony 350+ Star Club

    poor old me used up all my cash and coins this weekend could use an inconvertable coin about now :)
  13. Lee

    Lee Browser

    This totally worked! Thank you. :) I began with 4000 coins and after 3 hours I have over 3.1 million coins.

    I just wanted to add one more thing: As long as you do not exit the game, you will get the multiplied amounts even after the 3 hours finish. My inconvertible coin 3 hour time period ended 10 minutes ago but I'm still getting 730 coins from romantic cafes and eateries.
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  14. i007791

    i007791 Member

    how do you get inconvertible coins?
  15. Deidei-1jl219

    Deidei-1jl219 Well-Known Member

    Deidei.item needed

    well, It's time for hunting the items to complete sport competition collection.
    Still missing baseball and skis..

    Thanks for the info guys
  16. Lee

    Lee Browser

    I finally exited the game because it became so slow (it started lagging and my phone was heating up) and I got bored. But I upgraded everything, built two coal stations and six additional flight catering facilities. I still have close to 2.8 million coins left. This gets exhausting but if you stick to it, there's so much that can be done!

    Complete one of the collections - I think the sports one Deidei mentioned. That's how I got mine!
  17. i007791

    i007791 Member

    i can only visit madlen airborn, is that going to be a problem to get this to work?
  18. Lee

    Lee Browser

    I'm not sure, I never went to visit her. But once I had visited the 5-6 neighbours for the day, I repeatedly kept on visiting the same neighbour and the multiplier kept multiplying.
  19. chepito41

    chepito41 Member

    Your Welcome!! I'm glad you got 3.1 millions I think it because of you water park right, how much did it give? you just that one.
  20. Vialino

    Vialino Well-Known Member

    One comment about that super collection ...does it means that In order to get a huge profit I do have to build just coin building....specially those big that will profit after 24 hours....then wait until they produce coins and then activate the inconvertible coin? of course all those small building too but the main profit will be from those big building....

    About visiting friend..does it means that I' ll be getting coins in just 5 visit because the daily limit ..should I look for those neighbor who have big coin building and cash in as much as I can and not take any fuel....

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