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German community / German members or alliances

Discussion in 'Forum News & Information' started by Alice2211, 18 June 2018.

  1. Alice2211

    Alice2211 New Member

    Hello Airport City Players!

    Is there a German community or members/alliances that are linked to each other and communicate in German?
    Would be interested to join.
    Thank you in advance for your replies.
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  3. Herzlich willkommen an Bord! (y)
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  4. I would be fun to have a section of different language chats - French, German, Polish and a whole lot more are on this forum.
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  5. I would like it very much ! ! But I think I would be a little alone, no ?

    And it would allow us to learn other languages ! !
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  6. Are you sure? German is one of the most difficult languages in the world. Watching TV in Germany even in the news you find 1 to 2 grammatical mistakes every day. It is a pain for me to hear that stuff. Or try to read Thomas Mann and you will hate the language. Or not.
  7. For this we have a World language.. named english..
  8. Is English not a very hard language to learn? Is it the hardest?
  9. Well, it has a lot to do with the question, which mother tongue you are. E.g. German and english are quite related, but french and english are not.
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  10. Retro

    Retro VIP Flyer

    1-2-3 Fly
    Eine deutsche Ecke wäre wirklich nice.

    A german Part would be nice.
  11. Ah ah yes ! It is really difficult !
    I would say, the worst way to learn a language is to watch tv ah ah ! At least in French (and obviously in German too !).
  12. I would say that conjugation is very very easy in English !
    Example : to say. You take the word « say » and it works for everybody, except with he/she/it ! And that’s all ! Easier => prétérit, you put « ed » and that’s all !

    In French... it changes for all pronoune ! Prétérit is also different...
    and in German is worse !! Ah ah !
  13. It all depends ! There are some word which are very related in English and in French, like « eau de toilette » ah ah ah !
  14. That is true the English language have a lot of French words used in it. 'ensemble' 'deja vu' 'ensuite' 'a la carte' 'bon apetit' 'chic' 'chauffeur' 'brunette' 'fiance' 'bouquet'
    the list is endless!:D
  15. Thanks to William the Conqueror!
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  16. "Ensemble" ?? With which meaning ? "Together" ?
    I didn't Know English people used all those French words !
    Sometimes, i have not the right word to write in this forum, i will check the entire list of French words used in English to use it ! Ensuite i will chose them à la carte ! Ah ah !
  17. You are right !!
  18. Yes. We would use ensemble for an orchestral group.
  19. Ah ok ! I see !
    I am always pleased to know that French words are used abroad !!
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  20. My favourite french word in English is "rendezvous".

    It is so obviously not a true English word because ... how can you pronounce it in the "English" way?
    When you learn the correct pronunciation of the word, you realize it is originally a french word.
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