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We NEED this building

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by Blue Aero, 24 May 2018.

  1. ‘Futuroscope’ Building Poitiers - France --- we need this building in our AC city

    Futuroscope  Building.jpg
  2. Nice building .
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  3. Ah ah ! I remember I have been there when I was a child ! It is a great parc ! a lot of video/cinema experiences ! And buldings are surprising !

    But I needed around 10h by coach to reach it ! !

    you're right, in our airports it would look great !

    Where did you find this picture ?
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  4. I saw it on a geology facebook page (it looks like a large crystal) and I googled to get the pic.
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  5. Ah ! It is funny !
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  6. Wasted Eagle

    Wasted Eagle VIP Flyer Active Member 1000+ Star Club

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    Wasted (Eagle) *itemneeded
    Awesome! It’s called ‘le Kinémax’. It houses the park’s IMAX screen, a 4K screen of over 6000 square feet (600 m2). Futuroscope sure brings back memories... :joyful:
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