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iOS Some long term advice needed

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by Kevin1010, 14 June 2018.

  1. Kevin1010

    Kevin1010 150+ Star Club Active Member

    hello all,
    Right now am af level 68. So close to level 71 where the last major buildings Will be availeble.
    I have saved a lot coins 2.650.000 now.
    I think i Will be at 3.500.000 when reaching 71.
    I am thinking what upgrades to do and need Some advice.

    Runway level 7 1.500.000
    Hangar level 7 300.000
    Control tower level 8 1.000.000
    Pharming lab 1.000.000
    Furniture fact. 500.000 ( can also buy now)

    Will these be the good investments?
    I think not smart to buy condors and planes above giants. However falcons fly just 3 hours.

    Right now i have 3 jumbo 1 giant 2 powerfull Delta and 2 delta and Some little ones in reserve for maps sometimes. I have a jumbo ranger and falcon in warehouse. Didnt even know i had a falcon.

    I have space for one more hangar now at this moment but i wait for level 71 i think to buy a hangar

    If u want to visit my AirPort i would appreciate that a lot.

    I also saw on @AJ his AirPort some building what is that building in front of tesla station Which gives 150 extra electricity and how do i get that? I dont see it in the store.
    Am i missing something?
    Unfortunately i cant send him a private message.

    Thanks in advance?
    Last edited: 14 June 2018
  2. Andy

    Andy Member

    If you are not thinking of flying Condors yet, you don't need Lvl 7 hangar and the Pharm Lab.
    I'd say you need to start flying Falcons and maybe Thunderbirds first.
    Especially since the building you're talking about for 150 electricity is the Nuclear Power Plant and it's available from flights to Tehran which is a Thunderbird destination.
  3. I am at level 70 and the largest plane I have is a jumbo. I have been advised by a VET not to invest in higher planes until I have 3 starred all the lower levels. Instead I am going to upgrade my control tower to get more planes in the air. You have done well to amass all that cash.
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  4. So do I ! I am at level 71 and the biggest plane I have is Jumbo, which I do not use very often because I try to do all that it must be done with turboprop ! So, I have nothing which deals with big plane !

    I just upgrade my CT, I buy only small hangar (less expensive and good enough !) and I invested in oil refinerie to have a big max fuel.

    But I have to confess that I am looking forward to fly big planes !
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  5. A Merryflyer

    A Merryflyer Active Member

    A Merryflyer
    The not bothering about the Hanger and Pharma lab just now is good advice.

    In terms of what aircraft to fly, I think it really depends what your goals are:
    • get as many stars as you can?
    • get as many weekly passengers as you can?
    • gain experience points to rise through the levels?
    or something else.

    It also depends how frequently you want to dip into the game to turn planes around.
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  6. Kevin1010

    Kevin1010 150+ Star Club Active Member

  7. pete blake

    pete blake VIP Flyer 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Windows PC
    Not saying you should copy but I'm enjoying playing as follows:
    Primary objective: 3 star all standard locations. almost completed everywhere up to and including Jumbo, cracking on with Giants and doing occasional Falcons. Once almost complete with Giants I will begin to fly more falcons and take steps to acquire T Bird and Condor planes. I plan to own 3 of each type of plane (not the smallest ones). I already have Pharma lab and furniture factory so am collecting, but not necessarily using, each day. I will have plenty on stock once I start flying the higher level planes. I need to work on my hangar space.
    I have planned ahead and already have the items required for Control Tower L9 (1.4m), Town hall L8 (950k), Sweet Factory (300k), Repair base L7 (500k), 2nd Pharma Lab
    Secondary objective: Acquire Terminal, Control Tower and Town Hall all at L11. I just paid 3 million coins for Terminal L 11. Town Hall is least important - but I want it so will get it. Control Tower is next.
    Third objective: Space launches - complete 100 of red, blue, green. That will give me 3 QL. Reds already completed, now focussing on greens. Blues after that
    Map flights and all that - I haven't got a clue. I'm not at that stage in the game yet and my brain is already full with what I need to do at the moment.
    There is no right answer - just whatever pleases you.
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  8. As mentioned above it depends on your objective and this will determine your game play
    sinds i started many things changed the 100 item limit (interferes with stockpiling items ) needed to send these flights

    my strategie was
    1- build as many runways and as many hangars as possible (6 ore more) buy planes from a simillar type and try three starring all destenations for this plane and move to the next model of plane and hangar and so on
    2 acuire as many coins as possible with launches and if possible (adventure flights +boosters SC and LC ) use these coins for essential upgrades like launch platforms and controltower ore terminal
    3 have as many passenger producing buildings as posible to keep you planes up and flying to advance you game
    gather all passengertotal boosting buildings like alien legacie(+20total pax); spacetravelmonument (+20pax);and if posible (luna park +100total pax )
    fly to get Qls if possible thru the cheapest way green and blue destenations and use these to gather coins ,token and FUEL thru multiple launches
    these are the most important the rest is depending on your goals and strategi
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  9. Kevin1010

    Kevin1010 150+ Star Club Active Member

    @mo elbo @pete blake @A Merryflyer @Dafsade @Chazzy999 @Andy

    Thanks for advice.
    Just bought extra hangar and have putted jumbo ranger in it.
    Also uograded my control tower So in a few days an extra hangar again.

    Does it make sence to buy a thunderbird to fly to Teheran to get the power plant Which gives 150 Elec?
    Buying teslas for greens is not what i prefer.
    Maybe there are Some disadvantages?

    How do i get the lunapark? @mo elbo

    Btw how do i see how many pax i fly? Because i left my old Alliance So cant see it somewhere at the moment.
  10. You can get the luna park by activating the maps you get when you launch in a 1st place on red launch
    you need to fly all 5 destenations and gather the collection and that will give you the luna park (needs some efforts and fuel tho )
    i did it when i had my jumbo's destenations three starred and just before switching to giants
  11. @Kevin1010 if you need to know how to fly for QLS green ore blue destenations
    let me know and il post the instructions
    Good luck flying and have a good day

    Mo Elbo
  12. Kevin1010

    Kevin1010 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Thanks That would be Amazing.
    Wish u the same ofcourse
  13. The cheapest way to gather qls is to do green launch in 1st place and after landing you will receive a map to one off following 5 destenations novosibirsk-perth -edmonton-bangalore -ore -berkeley once you activate one of these maps it will appear at the top off your general flightdestenations tab
    by flying to each of these destenations you will receive items to collect and to complete ql-collection
    the only thing you will need are Landing lamps and fuel
    i personaly use the blue destenation to harvest qls i got a bit better detailed explenation for this post it right away
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  14. For gathering qls thrue blue destenation

    Fly the Prometheus Space (Blue) Launch in 1st position – reward purple box (the Stars My Destination), Gold Box (Master of the Universe 2), 10,000 coins, 1000 exp

    Open the purple box – click on warehouse, click “Item Sets” icon, click the purple box, click the “Use” button. It will drop a map to one of 5 destinations below. Each map is active for 12 hours.

    To open the map, click on warehouse, click “Flight Maps”, click the appropriate map, click the “Use” button.

    1) Sacramento – drops items for the Collection Space Garden.
    Jet - 28 Fuel - 80 Passengers - 12 Hours - 56 Fuel Speed Up - Additional Radar Required. 1 completion gives a Hydroponic Greenhouse. (Hydroponic Greenhouse, 300 coins, 140 exp)

    2) Alexandria – drops items for the Collection Creation Myths.
    Jet - 28 Fuel - 80 Passengers - 12 Hours - 56 Fuel Speed Up - Additional Radar Required . 1 completion gives Atlas. (300 coins, 140 exp)

    3) Miami – drops items for the Collection Orphans of the Sky.
    Jet - 26 Fuel - 80 Passengers - 12 Hours - 52 Fuel Speed Up - Spare Wire Required. 1 completion gives a Starship. (300 coins, 140 exp)

    4) Nagoya – drops items for the Collection The Little Ones.
    Jet - 26 Fuel - 80 Passengers - 12 Hour - 52 Fuel Speed up - Spare Wire Required. 1 completion gives a Solar system. (300 coins, 140 exp)

    5) Puerto Rico – drops items for the Collection Across the Universe.
    Jet - 28 Fuel - 80 Passengers - 12 Hours - 56 Fuel Speed Up - Spare Wire Required. 1 completion gives a Star Chart. (300 coins, 140 exp)

    Completing each collection above gives one item for "The Outer Limits" collection.
    After completion of the 5 collections, complete "The Outer Limits" collection which gives:
    - Coins 5000
    - Experience 2000
    - 1x Quantum Leap (This bonus speeds up the spaceship return after launch by 90%)
    - Space Needle Building - Gives 60 coins per hour and adds 50 to max population.

    Tip: Golden Dice will increase the drop rate of the items.
    Additional radar can be obtained from flights to the Canary Islands (often), or from friends.
    Spare Wire can be obtained from flights to Rio (often) or from friends.
    Have plenty of extra fuel to speed up flights.
    Have plenty of extra passengers.
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  15. Really simple, just build MCC level 3 and red pad and start flying to adventure destinations as they require no flight item's. Build all possible adventure buildings as that can help you get a lot of free bonuses etc, Alongside flying to adventure destinations you can also fly to Alliance Map Destinations which will help you get S3 Planes and few MSB which are really helpful.
    Do not waste your resources and time by trying to get 3 star's on normal destinations, They will be of no use as you will get adventure buildings.
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  16. pete blake

    pete blake VIP Flyer 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Windows PC
    Adventure destinations. Alliance map destinations. Could do with a #1.01 on the difference.....

  17. Yeah, I agree with this: Adventure and Alliance maps. (y)
  18. Kevin1010

    Kevin1010 150+ Star Club Active Member

    @mo elbo
    I gonna give this a good read

    I allready have mcc3
    Also allready have 3 stars at the red launches and green aswel.
    Check my AirPort i am a neighbour
  19. Adventure flights is the same as excavation flights ? ?
  20. Andy

    Andy Member

    Coal Factories are almost the same as the Nuclear plant in terms of electricity per square:
    Coal factory - 60 per 4 squares = 15
    Plant - 150 per 9 = just over 15
    So, I wouldn't do a huge effort to get it - you will get there sooner or later. ;)

    As for bigger planes, if you have enough passengers and fuel throughout the day, you can always start flying them without waiting to 3-star everything else.
    Just prepare in advance - you need to start collecting the required flight items about 1-1.5 months ahead of time (if you build just one factory) to have a decent pile to enable you to fly without waiting for production to complete.

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