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Remove the 100 item limit

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by Blue Aero, 20 May 2018.

  1. I do not have the limit on my main account but my support account does -- How can someone get enough landing lamps saved to complete alliance missions? This is total garbage on GI's part and has forced me to keep only powerful propeller driven airplanes on my support account so I don't have to be continually going after landing lamps instead of flying alliance missions. With the powerful propeller driven I don't need any special items and can complete the alliance missions although it has limited that game to what it can do (no airship dock for one)

    I thought GI would have removed this stupidity by now so people can stock up on items before flying to destinations they want to fly to. This has put the newer games at an extreme disadvantage of being able to get a high weekly rank in most destinations - I thought GI cared about fairness for all players??? Does not appear that they do.
  2. They said they will keep this limit to make it fair to every players. Very stupid...
    I complained about alliance missions that require 3~500 flight items. And they said it's not their role to advise my game tactics :confused: Total nonsense. I kinda gave up since I felt like I was talking to dumb answering machine with auto-generated replies. :banghead:
    Last edited: 23 May 2018
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  3. I don’t know why is the limited , if alliance task required 401 flight to city need items to flight , and maximum allow in storage 100 , I start to leave items on gift box until need .
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  4. ....But perhaps not for much longer. Facebook users already have a 2 week limit on storing gifts.

    Original post was spot on - having a 100 item limit when you set 450 flight (I have even seen 750 on other users accounts) alliance missions? Good strategic gameplay? No bad and stupid programming.:grumpy:
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  5. Yes , i read on facebook they have 2 week limit .
  6. And you may not believe this --- this is a fairly recent idiocy on GI's part - no account had the 100 item limit a year or so ago.
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  7. The ever eloquent Kate (GI support) told me the exact date the limit was imposed - I think it was about 23 May 2017. And I started playing the game about a week later. :dead:
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  8. JusTheBest

    JusTheBest Well-Known Member

    This is what they said to me when I asked for the limit to be lifted.

    All players at the current moment have limit in the game and it can not be removed because of technical characteristic's of the game.
  9. Shall we celebrate the one year anniversary with the bot-like Kate?
  10. As an applications developer myself - that is total hog wash.
  11. :D
  12. Technical limitations o_O.....quite amusing indeed.
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  13. What is the logic in allowing some players 100 and others more?
  14. The people who were playing before the change have no limit and the new games since they started this idiocy has the limit and somehow it is suppose to make it fair for everyone --- I think those that make the decisions at GI failed logic class --- that is one of the most (if not THE most) idiotic thing GI has done "in the name of fairness" SMH --- total idiots.
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  15. Agree with you .
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  16. Therkyn

    Therkyn Member

    Can we at least lobby to get the limit raised to something more like 400 or 500 so we can do the alliance tasks? -t
  17. Disco

    Disco Active Member

    Windows Mobile
    A Disco
    Agree its unfair but as for needing 400 LL for a task just start the week with one Turboprop and you will only get a small target, if I'm running out of time in a week I just buy another Turbo prop and so the low target is much easier to get. This week for example I needed to fly 67 times to Washington with only one Turbo prop. I just bought another (cost 2000) as I lost time with the bug earlier in the week. I'll sell it on Sunday so back to one TP for the next alliance challenge.
    So agree its unfair when others don't have it, but its manageable.
  18. But dont forget the number of flights asked for in allaince tasks has nothing to do with how many planes youve got, just which and your game level.
  19. Disco

    Disco Active Member

    Windows Mobile
    A Disco
    I'm pretty sure you are wrong.
    I had 1 jet and would get 100 ish flights to a location, now got 2 jets and it has more than doubled to over 230 flights. I'm level 67 now and yes, it does go up slightly as you level up but having more planes in your inventory (including in reserve hanger) doubles the initial target.
  20. If i have 1 PPd or 6 ppd it makes no difference to the number of flights. I had1 falcon and got the same number of flights as I do now with 4 falcons.

    I think we'll have to agree to differ

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