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MCC3 Mission Control Center 3 Upgrade

Discussion in 'Trading Discussion' started by Spork, 13 May 2018.

  1. is anyone upgrading to MCC3 currently. It’s my understanding that you need to be in process of upgrading to gift the antennas. I’ve posted a couple of times regarding antennas but have heard anything back. My upgrade will be completed today and will just need the building items to complete. Looking to gift and receive MCC3 building items ASAP!!

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  2. Anyone want Vivaldi antenna before I finish my upgrade?

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  3. I would love to have this antenna ! but I can't receive it !

    Did you do all side tasks to be able to send receive them ? ?
  4. I did finish all the side tasks but no one sent one so I don’t know if it could have received one. I did finish the upgrade and no longer have the antenna to gift!! Building my red pad and planning my next upgrade.
  5. If you can send antenna, you can receive it !
    I can't send this, so I can't receive it ! I think Space side tasks are too long ! I will Watch videos to have those items ! I hope I will have enough video !
  6. Yes I finished with videos and am building the red pad now.... Good luck!
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  7. ah ! thank you :D !
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