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Launches and giving up 1st place.

Discussion in 'Space Launch Questions' started by Renaldo, 8 April 2018.

  1. Hi,

    Many times I see launch request, where people offer to grab the first place.
    Why or when one would do that ? Ok, to say thank you for the support I guess and to keep it fair.
    But don't we all wanna shoot for the higher Bonuses?

    As I'm still need to do 99 green launches (don't laugh :p)
    how many times 1st place is 'needed' from the 100?
    Ending up as 2nd or 3rd, does that also have any advantages ?

  2. Teboho

    Teboho 350+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Tair *item I require*
    all that counts is being in a launch, my green pad has over 100 launches and I still have 3 alien legacies meaning I wasn't in position 1 all the times in fact I was No.1 43 times but as soon as I got to 100 (for me 101) I got the QL.
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  3. Thank you so much for your resp. @Teboho :)(Y)
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  4. JayBee

    JayBee 150+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    JayJay(+urgent item needs)
    So basically, you are still getting rewards and bonuses while using less fuel. Personally, if I’m not going for captain. I like to join a launch instead of start it. But everyone has their own gameplay and reasoning.
  5. You can get the Alien Legacy drops finishing 2nd or 3rd but it’s not always going to give you the drops in that set

    The biggest reason is that people don’t have the fuel or that they want to rotate spots with those launching with them
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  6. @Teboho do you know the drop rate of "High Chance" and "Average Chance" in space launch? Its for A Space Odyssey/History of Space Travel items. I've never got A Space Odyssey items when I was 2nd or 3rd positions. Often got items when I was in 4th or 5th places.
    Last edited: 10 April 2018
  7. Teboho

    Teboho 350+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Tair *item I require*
    According to G!:
    High chance = 0.000001%
    Average chance = 0.00000000001%

    My advice is that, forget about the rigged drop rate but concentrate on what is certain; your collection will eventually be complete when you least expect it.
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  8. If you start your own launch and put in 576 points, it is only fair that you have the captain's seat because others use less points - many that start launches offer the captain's seat - tag the launch section so you get a notice whenever anyone has a launch on the pad. It's the quantity not the quality that counts with launches and it is good fun joining launches with neighbours time after time. Then you will decide to start your own and appreciate others joining you help the launch with their points.

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