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How many items from resource buildings are in storage?

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by Blue Aero, 23 June 2018.

  1. It would be nice in the resource buildings that next to the image of the item it shows how many you have in storage.

    For example: In the Sweets Factory, next to the picture of the fruit lollipop it would be nice if it showed that I had 123 fruit lollipops. While this would be nice for all production buildings, it would be most beneficial for the ones where you select what items to make such as the Resource Base, Mechanical Plant, and the Hi-Tech plant. It is cumbersome to do a search of each individual item before deciding what to make - for example, if I have 50 Swash Plates in storage, it would be nice to see that without having to do a storage search of each item to see I should make more Landing Skids instead of the Swash Plates. This would also make it easier to plan on what to make next in the Mechanical Plant and Resource Bases in order to make the Landing Skids.
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  2. This is like a 'Celebrity' complaining they dont know how many millions of dollars they have in their bank accounts. All my factories warehouse a maximum of 100 items. I don't need to be told "You are wasting production because you have a 100 item limit" (which is what such a memo would be reminding me) I know I am wasting production.

    Sorry @Blue Aero but nobody who started playing after May 2017 will see the benefit of this additional information being provided. :grumpy:
  3. WOW - I hope your attitude in real life is a lot better than this. It isn't all about you and it has NOTHING to do with"how many millions I have in storage" I for one had exactly ONE landing skid in storage and 64 swash plates and knowing I had plenty of swash plates and not enough landing skids without having to search each item would be useful in knowing to produce more landing skids and not swash plates.

    Your attitude stinks.
  4. Agree with you it would be a good feature which benefit everyone, I think the majority of game players would agree with you! It would not be difficult for the developers to add this function as the information exists!
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  5. I would also find this helpful, as it’s exactly when you have LESS than the 100 limit that you’re especially keen to optimize your manufacturing resources and budget.

    Building on the concept of displaying the inventory count of an individual item - it would also be particularly useful to see this count on the flights screen (I hope I called that by the right name) :oops: ... the screen where the player reviews and chooses flights for their aircraft.

    Weekly alliance flights are easily identified there with a special icon, so it could possibly be useful to more players than just a rookie like me :angelic: to see how many of the additional flight items required to make the alliance flights (or any other for that matter) are available in our inventory.

    IOW: one of my alliance destinations this week was 59x flights to Medina, for which I needed Navigation Modules and Flight Catering. Since I have FC Facilities I would have seen that I had sufficient #s, but needed to (hopefully) receive enough gifted NMs from my neighbors to complete that particular destination. I could easily update my signature within seconds of weekly reset and optimize gifting for that particular item.

    Great suggestion @Blue Aero (y)(y)(y) and I, for one, hope we’ll see it implemented one day in the not-so-distant future!
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  6. It would be a very welcome feature.
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