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Windows Flights not counting AGAIN???

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by crescent moon, 4 June 2018.

  1. Just landed 6 Condor flights, 4 of them alliance mission flights. None of them counted. :(:(:( Not passengers nor flight counts. Other 2 games seem to be ok except for occasional roll-back of 1 flight. (land 4, counts then rolls back 1). Seeing the same comments on facebook.

    Hoping it's fixed by morning. If not, I'll be submitting my weekly ticket.:mad::mad::mad:
  2. They seem to be counting now, except for the occasional "roll-back". Will keep watching and submit a ticket in the morning if there is still a problem.
  3. Weekly ticket!! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    Yeah it seems like it keeps rolling back.. but eventually counted all, well... mostly..
  4. Robby Kusuma

    Robby Kusuma Well-Known Member

    I complain once again......
    WT* is the IT doing?

  5. Same here.
    Its always be a problem every weekly reset, since The Age of Ash event update. It happened to me this morning. Twice. :mad:
  6. I was having the same issue and I tried everything because only 2 out of 3 games had the issue of pax not counting...the tasks flights were still counting though...finally I turned the WiFi off and on on the 2 devices and pax started counting...strange... the 1 device that was on 5G and the other 2 were on the regular WiFi.

    I am definitely keeping an eye on the counters though...I won’t be surprised if it happens again.
  7. It is maybe off topic but ... do you have 5G ? ?
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  8. Yes...I mentioned above 1 of my devices was using 5G while the others weren’t...but my internet connection was fine and I normally don’t use 5G...I usually leave that for my husbands decices...
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  9. I didn't know 5G were available ! (anyway, not in my country !). What do you think of 5G compared to 4G ? is it really better ?
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  10. Robby Kusuma

    Robby Kusuma Well-Known Member

    Better layout....
    Some good bugs are dissapeared....
    Maybe new good bugs....
    Alliance are not counting....

    Owww, sorry.... that new AC update....
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  11. ah ah :D !
  12. Robby Kusuma

    Robby Kusuma Well-Known Member

    Was in Seoul few weeks ago, and my iphone 6 showed LTE 24/7.......
    That already heaven......
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  13. Ah ah ! LTE is basic now ! it dépends where you used to live !
    But, which smartphone works with 5G ? ?
  14. Robby Kusuma

    Robby Kusuma Well-Known Member

    I knew some China's phones work with 5G.....
    New Xiaomi, New Oppo, New Huawei...... Well I dont have iphoneX but maybe it works too....
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  15. In the U.S. and Japan...been using it for years. Higher speeds shorter distance. It did wonders for cell phones, but it also come in handy for the type of games my hubby plays on his devices.
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  16. I am surprised because I read some article which say that 5G is not ready yet ! picture below says :
    black : test in progress
    green : telecom operators plan to sell subscription
    red : countries which are black and green
    last update : March 2018


    So, I wonder if we speak about the same thing ! or if this article is wrong !
  17. Welcome to Korea!! We complain that 4G is getting too slow now!! :D
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  18. @JayBee, I thought you were kidding!
    There's no commercial 5G available in the world yet. You can trust me on this ;)
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  19. They might be testing but no commercial phones available with 5G in the market now.
  20. 4D291E8D-7134-4BC6-A01C-D1C16F3708D7.jpeg4D291E8D-7134-4BC6-A01C-D1C16F3708D7.jpeg
    @KingJJ are you sure....I have an Asus router and we have 5G....we’ve had it for years...not the same router but this is similar to our latest one....so I’m very confused ...and nope not kidding.
    Last edited: 4 June 2018

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