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Flight Catering Ring

Discussion in 'Trading Discussion' started by Sudip, 30 April 2018.

  1. Is there any flight catering ring to join?
  2. I dont think so there is but you start one here and now i think there is other will join you i saw many players they put catering next to game name (y)
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  3. Do u think i can set one?
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  4. See how many people are interested if you get 10 or more set up the ring.
  5. Ok...i will...but i need help of experts
  6. Sounds interesting but it can be tough since you need an account with level 20+, which takes long time to reach..
  7. I have one ready account...currently using for gifting items...
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  8. I doubt whether there is any. But... is it really worth it... i never though catering is a bottle neck. My catering items are piling up these days. Recently crossed 300. What is the reason for your requirement? Are you doing alliance flights with Delta or above?
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  9. Go to your first post in this page edit and write that you doing catering fuel ring and how many players you want in this ring.
    Then copy the link for this page go to the windows trading thread and Android & Ios thread post the link there and write about the ring.
    Post the link in the main trading thread then more players will see your catering ring (y)
    After 2 days post again the link for this page to remind others (y)
    Dont post in event pages or guide just on tradings threads (y)
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  10. Agent_L

    Agent_L 350+ Star Club VIP Flyer

    Windows Mobile
    Agent L
    @Sudip Ring makes a sense when it's easy to create a support account for it. To send Catering, you need level 20, something that requires dedicating fair amount of time into.
    Also, you can simply build 6 Catering Facilities which will yield up to 12 Caterings per day at no extra effort. Not many players would find running another account worth it.
  11. Especially as if you open up an extra line so you have 2 going, or more, you can use your free videos to get extra. Can easily get 10 extra per day.
  12. @Dodo @SABRED @fertob
    Guys if you want flight catering you can add @Sudip and trade with him daily.
    He will send from support account and you send from your main account. (y)
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  13. No..but later when i use bigger planes then i need those
  14. Then, start yesterday to build catering facilities.
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  15. @SABRED and @fertob can give their codes to trade with my main and support account
  16. Hi @Sudip !

    Did you finally set up a flight catering ring ?
  17. No...nobody response.......but i need more catering....many destinations still left
  18. Build more flight catering facilities!! You only have ONE!!
    You need to build more!!
  19. Yes...i am thinking of that...
  20. You need 5 or 6. Daft wasting gifts on flight catering. Its also one of the cheapest to build.
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