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Event Buildings

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by Blue Aero, 30 June 2018.

  1. Would be nice if event buildings to visit at neighbors were marked somehow (different color / icon) when visiting neighbors because some of them are hard to find / tell apart when there is a money or passenger icon hiding them.
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  2. Ditto
  3. Ronnie

    Ronnie New Member

    Windows PC
    Like i said in my post. It would be really nice if players built the event buildings along the property line adjacent to the airport. This would be a lot better than them scattered through the city.
  4. Sometimes not practical. Why force someone to build where they do not want to or force them to move them?
  5. Land is expensive for many of us and it’s enough of a pain to organize our cities around new buildings we purchase or acquire. Lots of people here have bigger cities than I do and space is at a premium for me

    I do appreciate my neighbors who do it but if I want to visit the buildings I just look for them.
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