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iOS Earplugs only from gifts

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by Kevin1010, 13 July 2018.

  1. Hello all,

    Can u get the earplugs only by gift from neighours? I cant find a building who is producing then.
  2. Flights to Mogadishu drop earplugs always.
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  3. Really good to know !

    thanks !
  4. And another thing to know is that the first destinations of each type of planes(Mogadishu for Falcons,Caracas for giants etc) has the advantage of no break downs for planes and always provide items needed for the rest destinations of The same type of aircraft
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  6. Another good thing to know is that there is a link at the bottom right corner of this page called Airport City Wiki which is easy to use and chock full of a lot of this sort of information.
  7. I usualy do that.
    I Google AirPort City game wiki “earplugs” or another thing i would like to know

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