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iOS Alliance flights and PAX not counting again

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by JayBee, 30 May 2018.

  1. I noticed two things this morning.
    One, having returned 6 planes all from Canary Islands and all for alliance that the counter went to 6 and still jumped back 2 flights to 4 total.
    Secondly Some did PM me and seemed quite upset at being razed by others. This should not be. As you said its pretty civil and should stay that way.
  2. Well, G! could take a peak to Mojang, how they deal with their community. They release a weekly report of bug-fixes. I like this idea. Get us up to date.
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  3. LjGibbs

    LjGibbs 150+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    Windows PC
    We all feel 'razed' as you like to put it. This is normally a wonderful community of helpful, kind and generous people from all different parts of the world giving support, help and advice to others. My game has progressed greatly due to these wonderful people.

    This forum is NOT Twitter it's a airport game...we don't need life stories in public...I could write a book (we've all got many of those) it's not a excuse to name and shame people when they have done nothing wrong.

    I also feel if I was a man on here I'd get treated very differently by some.

    Yes, it should be private but I will not stand for abuse of my friends and myself when the only words I commented are 'exactly' to someone else...some people were named and shamed for liking another's post, where is the sense in that?!.

    Yes you may be 'vets' as you like to be claimed but this is a nice forum and as you can clearly see we are avoiding any interaction again...you have brought this up and its not nice to see for potential new forum members...if you are so against it don't bring it up again in public please. Its done as far as we are concerned. Many thanks.
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  4. Wait, what, you're a woman?! :eek:o_O:ROFLMAO:
  5. LjGibbs

    LjGibbs 150+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    Windows PC
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  6. I thought you were a Cessna Citation II - you just can't trust the internet these days.
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  7. LjGibbs

    LjGibbs 150+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    Windows PC
    Hahaha you do make me laugh.
  8. I understand what you do mean.

    I just dont get facebook where if I were to post something that happened badly to another, that someone can 'like' my post.
    I think that's part of the reason for my leaving facebook this week. Memorial Day in my mind isnt a day of celebration but a day of remembrance and mourning for soldiers we have lost. So losing someone isnt a post to be liked.
  9. If this discussion has to go further, maybe it can be via PM or on another thread...especially when a person doesn’t know all the details...but
    @KenDuckySmith ...It is true too many people don’t understand the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day...for example Happy Memorial Day...well for a lot of us it’s not Happy....so it would be better to say have a “safe” or “blessed” or some variation rather than Happy...and leave the Happys to other holidays.

    but liking a post can be a person sharing a sentiment. Like an acknowledgement for sharing a lost....Or to state I’ve lost someone also and can relate. ...I don’t feel it’s always literal.
    Last edited: 1 June 2018
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  10. Glad to see the flights are counting again. Seems each week I get about 2 days in
    then they start rolling back. I'll just keep an eye open next Tuesday.

    @LjGibbs not sure what was said but as far as I have seen you are always respectful.
    The only way I treat a woman differently is I am very unlikely to have a go at them for
    pretty much anything. That is not always a popular stance in this day and age but is how
    I was raised having 3 sisters.

    This might have all been over the guy complaining about alliances, that does not want to be
    in an alliance. Not totally sure but if it was I was also tagged for a pretty tame post. What was
    said was to the point and nothing more needed to be added. In this forum I generally take the
    stand if a newer player is going off as is usual in most every other forum a quick word and let it
    rest. They will either figure it out or move along as civil discourse in a forum will usually bore them
    pretty quickly. :cool:

    All the old members are now saying please quit babbling on Wired. :whistle:
  11. Wasted Eagle

    Wasted Eagle 900+ Star Club VIP Flyer

    PM or tag for any request
    Wasted (Eagle) *itemneeded
  12. The same procedure than last weeks... Again severe issues with counting pax and alliance task flights. This is really annoying.
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  13. I've had the same problem this morning but it seems to sort itself out when the tablet connects with the server. Missing 3 flights, but then catches up.
  14. Landed 3 planes and only one is counted some minutes ago! This robbs off the joy to play the game. It is like my planes are vanished in the Bermuda-Triangle.
  15. Captain WH Rollins

    Captain WH Rollins 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Top Monthly Post Winner

    Windows PC
    Captain WH Rollins
    I have four planes due to land in 1.5 hours - the first four planes towards this weeks alliance mission flights. Last week 15 of my planes did not count towards the weeks alliance mission flights. I'm not at all amused by this repeat problem.

    Captain WH Rolins
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  16. I’ve had a few missing planes also on a couple of my accounts. It’s frustrating and it keeps happening each week...especially on Mondays. Turning WiFi on and off and the device also sometimes helps.
  17. I think that i've lost three jumbo flights to an alliance destination.
    i'm going to keep a close eye on it
  18. I'm having alliance flights not count as well. Opened a ticket with GI and the only response is that the issue is fixed, but it's still happening. :(
  19. Again: Groundhog day! If G! is thinking, I will spend real money for this game, fix your issues!!!! And as I looked to the stats of my alliance, it seems to be not only me!! Crab!
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