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A Walk in the Clouds 2019

Discussion in 'Airport City News' started by OneGoldenHeart, 11 February 2019.

  1. OneGoldenHeart

    OneGoldenHeart Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Looks like you will need a lot of real estate in order to complete this event.
    Newbie like me cant afford.
    You will need 10 expansion tiles to accomode all 5 buildings for full capicity.
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  2. OneGoldenHeart

    OneGoldenHeart Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
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  3. If you keep the buildings after the event, they revert to giving normal passengers.

    I’d suggest getting as many of them as you possibly can. I didn’t load up last year and have been regretting it, waiting for the event to return.
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  4. VdW9

    VdW9 VIP Flyer Active Member

    Yeah, I saw it in my support game and already thinking that I wont do this event.

    I dont have empty space and my current situation with coin and pax production is pretty good, dont want to mess it up. I still need quite a few buildings to upgrade/build.
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  5. You don't need to have all the buildings the items will also drop from neighbors buildings when visiting.
    I would suggest after determining which item seems to be the rare one then concentrate on its building
    type when visiting neighbors. I would think a couple days and that part will be done irrelevant of the buildings
    you have. :cool:
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  6. You don't need all the buildings to complete this event. Just buy 6 kiss cafes. Save the passengers, use a spy glass (or bowl of riches if you are lucky) and turboprop or jet to get three carriage workshops (may need to repeat). You can visit other people's buildings to get the jewelry collection.
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  7. This is truly helpful - at least to me! :rolleyes: Thank you so much for laying out such a useful strategy!
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  8. OneGoldenHeart

    OneGoldenHeart Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Very helpful.
  9. If you buy all 30 buildings they will cost you 40,000 coins, and should cost about 30,000 coins to warehouse (if necessary). If you are a long term player without the space to fit all the buildings then buy all the buildings anyway, and warehouse the ones you have no room for. This is a really unique opportunity to buy 30 passenger generating buildings for just 40,000 coins. @Aardvark is spot on - you will only regret it when your game gets to Level 80 if you did not buy those buildings - and you are selling off your cash generating buildings to make room for more pax buildings.
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  10. Must admit i bought all these buildings last year and they provide a serious steady flow of passengers
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  11. I bought them all too, and plan to build them around my second cloud castle. :)
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  12. Yes..can’t like this more than once or I would. If you ever intend to do maps for planes larger than Deltas you’ll find yourself in a situation where you can’t have enough passenger buildings.

    Other than an occasional bonus building for completing an event there are very few opportunities to get buildings for a low price.
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  13. Drop that carriage house into a magic square and you can get 100-175 passengers from a single building
  14. Thanks man, much appreciated. I still have to build those spots, but as always, not enough land available yet for me. :)
  15. not work too
    bonus (like trees, metrostation or cloud )dont give bonus for romanitc passengers! only for normal
    bad too :(
  16. I got 34/36 buildings ready and the other 2 buildings. Due to leftovers, need only 9 items to finish.
  17. Which one is the carriage house? The one u get from finishing the collection?
  18. LjGibbs

    LjGibbs 150+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    Windows PC
    'What Women Want' collection
  19. I don’t think that works on romantic passengers. Gi wants you to buy the pax bonuses for greenies.
  20. I think he meant after the event, when carriage house will be converted back to standard pax
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