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Where abouts is everyone from?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Dave, 1 May 2012.

  1. I was born and raised in Mexico, my dad is from Flint, Michigan and my mom from Forrest, Ontario Canada. Growing up I had triple citizenship. I've lived all over the US ever since I got married 20 years ago - Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, Missouri, and now deep in Cajun country in Louisiana.
  2. Phyllo

    Phyllo Well-Known Member

    Windows PC
    Phyllo Game Over
    Southwest Germany here, close to France and Luxembourg and loving the diversity this offers.
    Be it different languages (yes, tiny Luxembourg does have its own language which I love to hear but cannot speak too well), different foods in restaurants just across the border, different cultural things like exhibitions or concerts - and simply different live styles.
  3. @Phyllo Luxembourg is possibly the most beautiful country I've ever been too. I didn't take the opportunity to go into Germany unfortunately.

    Most of my my life can be parceled up into Cape Coral (Southwest) Florida, Rochester Hills Michigan (about half way between Detroit and Flint), and where I am now central Ohio.
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  4. Phyllo

    Phyllo Well-Known Member

    Windows PC
    Phyllo Game Over
    @Jega001 Then you should not miss visiting my area when you come here next time. Let me know should you plan to come back and I can tell you about some nice spots to see and interesting things to do like a medieval dinner in a castle or a guided tour through a Roman arena that is 2000 years old and the tour is done like a one man show where the Gladiator tells you about his life in the arena....
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  5. I could be interested in that. I often drive from the Milan area to UK - Basle, Strasbourg, Luxembourg, Namur.
  6. Phyllo

    Phyllo Well-Known Member

    Windows PC
    Phyllo Game Over
    The medieval dinners take place occasionally here:
    You can check on their site if they offer some again, I don't know which cycle they follow but when they offer it, it is usually nice. Meals like 1000 years ago and musicians or theatre plays of the time while you eat in the big dining hall.
    There are different adventure performances taking place in Trier. Unfortunately, the site says that they are currently only being offered in German:
    But you can visit various buildings there also without an adventure performance and it is something special to walk through such old places:
  7. Printed for the next trip. End of July sometime....
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  8. SSE

    SSE Member

    I come from Norway, but I live in Sweden. Very confusing as everything is so similar as in Norway, but not completely. The language is like for an Englishman to speak like an Australian or South African. Very similar but some differences that is hard to change/adapt to.
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  9. flyfire

    flyfire Well-Known Member

    Windows PC
    I am from New Jersey, USA.
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  10. I come from a small island in the middle of the UK called Yorkshire ;)
  11. Transkohr

    Transkohr New Member

    Outside of Detroit.
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  12. Mortimer

    Mortimer Active Member

    Android, Facebook
    Colorado Springs, Co
  13. Łódź - Polska
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  14. Norway here! Just hit lvl 41 and can finally fly to my city, Oslo! :D
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  15. Teboho

    Teboho 350+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Tair *item I require*
    South Africa and I stay in a town called Vosloorus which is 30 km east of Johannesburg and 71km south of Pretoria
  16. Wherebouts in NJ?
    I'm originally from Trenton but lived in Mt Holly area for quite a few years.
  17. Maybe the only one from Colombia in this Forum.
  18. I used to visit Bridgewater for work a few time a year some years back!
    Miss my traveling times..
  19. Kevin1010

    Kevin1010 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Been in joburg years ago. Cape Town aswel.

    Great country. And Afrikaans is very simular to dutch Which is nice
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  20. Kevin1010

    Kevin1010 150+ Star Club Active Member

    In my top 3 must visit list.
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