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Weekly alliance missions and the planes needed to do them

Discussion in 'Alliance Questions' started by mo elbo, 3 July 2018.

  1. I have been flying ppd (powerfull propeller driven) planes as they were easy to finnish tasks without deviating from my flightstrategie to advance my game play .

    now that i need to switch to the TP (turboprops) this dusnt same to go as easely as i thaut
    its been 2 weeks that i hadent a singel ppd anymore and bought TP instead and stil i get alliance weekly missions intended for ppd .
    any advice on how to exchange tasks so i can finaly start using my TP is welcome .
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  2. Mo, it's happened to a few people. If you've confirmed you have no PPD's in the warehouse or reserve hangars, and it has been at least one full week, you'll need to contact GI support to fix it. That's what I had to do. I've been flying the TP for about a month now after I fished getting 10 of everything on the PPD alliance flights.
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  3. @mo elbo
    I was in the same situation and I did the same thing, now I have no PPD tasks ! And I can do my TP tasks !
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  4. Thanks i will putt in a ticket to GI
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