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Warehouse Full of Buildings

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by Dancing Dolphin, 3 November 2018.

  1. Dancing Dolphin

    Dancing Dolphin New Member

    Android, Windows PC
    DolfinAir F20
    If we can only have 6 of each type of building on the map, what the hell do we do with the excess? Will the warehouse fill up and then we won't be able to store any more of anything? Can we sell them? Better still, why can't we trade our excess buildings with other members of our alliance, to help them get along? I seemed to have an excess of "luck" during Dark Skies and scored 14 Halloween Shops! Would be nice to gift some to my alliance buddies - save on storing all this stuff you can't use; help your alliance buddies; trade for other things you may need instead....nah, guess that's just too sensible!
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  2. You can just build and sell, if they don’t need any extra item to run. (If they do it’s more complicated, as if they’re functioning and you sell them you also lose the extra items...)
    I had some 70 volcanology institutes, and a while ago I had some free time and just built and sell a lot of them. Now I “only” have 25 in the warehouse... I did the same with some Halloween shops
    But either selling directly from warehouse or trade them with neighbors would be nice
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  3. I’ve also done this with my excess buildings and it works out just fine. Even if you only get 600 coins when you sell a building, that’s 600 coins you didn’t have before.
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  4. Same with the fighter jets and plane of hearts. I had and still have an abundance of each....Ive been selling some as time allows...doesn’t take as long as building and then selling which makes it easier.
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  5. Great idea for trading Building, Flight... wish GI could make a "building" Market in near future
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