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Android Translation errors

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Le petit prince, 7 August 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I found some translation errors in the Dutch version of the game. Where do I send feedback?
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  2. So do I in the French version ! I would be interested to know where to tell them !
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  3. Post a screenshot here and the correct translate in same post.
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  4. 20180807_213946.png

    'Reservewiel' should be 'reservekabel'
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  5. 20180807_214256.png

    Map to Novosibirsk to fly to Korinthe?
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  6. The Portuguese version has some flaws...
    some collections have odd names (very different in meaning from for example the English version)
    Some items have odd names (why should a spiked tire be a “pneu furado”? This means, literally, a punctured tire... :confused::confused: not even in Brazilian, which is the version used. It should be similar with French, “pneu com pregos” (more PT-PT) or “pneu com cravos” (more PT-BR))
    And at least one collection is not translated, being presented the Dutch name, see pic below

    But I’m really looking forward to the new upgrade, to see if we can really switch languages (in Ivan’s post I don’t understand if we can switch anytime or only when installing a new game)
    After all, I need the terms in English to communicate in this forum :)
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  7. In Korean version, they even wrote Japanese!!! :confused:
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  8. Woow ! "Cadeaus" is really close to the French word "Cadeaux", which have the same meaning !
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  9. That is just disgraceful! Must have used Google translate not a bone fide translator!
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  10. I don't think they even used Google Translate. Maybe they just searched something on the web and got wrong one.
    But its Gi, so I don't complain ;)
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  11. But you can bett if it was supposed to be English and got written in French, then there would be comments!
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  12. We borrowed the word 'cadeau' from French. But we have a proper Dutch word for it too (which they also use in the game), i.e. 'geschenk'. In Dutch, we have plenty of word coming from other languages, but French has also some words borrowed from Dutch, like mannequin.
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  13. 20180808_142906.png

    Here is another one. In Dutch you can also use lolly.
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  14. That is supposed to be the PT-BR version! Look what we have:
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  15. so, they switched?
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  16. ah ok ! ! I didn't know that !
    So, it is Strange ! if you have your own word, why do you use a French one ? ?

    Mannequin is Dutch ? ? and what does that mean ? the same meaning as when French people use it ?
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  17. mannequin is coming from the word 'manneken', which means little man or doll, but the French changed the word to be able to better pronounce the word (they wrote it the way it is pronounced in Dutch).

    Why we use French words in Dutch? You know Belgium is bilingual? In the east of France, they do not also use German words? And near Spain, they do not use Spanish words? It's just cross-fertilization of languages. And last but not least, in the past, French was all over Europe used as the language of the rich people and noble people. You know at the Russian court of the Tsar, they spoke French besides Russian? French was considered as the international language (together with Latin), before that role was taken over by English the last 2 centuries.
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  18. david smith

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    GMRDR,GMRDR3,DS2, g reeper
    Not surprised this is a quality control issue, it seems their quality control does not do their jobs very well
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  19. G! is a company from russia, so none slawian languages are a challenge, especially techinal phrases. So I don't like to blame their effort.
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  20. ah ! like the Manneken Pis ! thanks a lot for this useful information !

    In the East of France, it is particular because Alsace was German ! otherwise, no German words at the east, no spanish word at the south, I mean in our daily language. In Les Alpes, we do not speak Italian !

    ah yes ! I remember, in Dostoïevski books, there are a lot of French words ! but I didn't know it was an international language ! It would be soo easy to travel if French was spoken everywhere ! ! ! I would love it !
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