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Android The support is the worst

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by beerbrewer, 24 January 2019.

  1. beerbrewer

    beerbrewer Well-Known Member

    I used the support feature asking how to remove an uncompleted igloo. I cannot the say but I can spend 24 airport cash to finish it or I can wait until the event next year. I said no to each suggestions, he'll I'd even take watching stupid videos to get the pieces so I could finish the igloo and remove it. They do not care, "as they said, it cannot be deleted, but they will 'pass on my concern' to developers. So now I have an unfinished igloo taking up space in my land probably for ever. The support has no care or understanding of issues and how to handle customer support.
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  2. This is a game feature, my suggestion: don't look at the igloo.
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  3. Avoid eye contact with the igloo in the room :ROFLMAO:.

    @beerbrewer dont the videos allow you to get the needed items?

    @Gt city do you know who might provide a solution to this?
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  4. The videos will not allow to get the parts as the event the building is used for is not actually active, I know as I did the same silly mistake so I’ve just moved it to a corner until the event comes around again.

    It’s no big deal and I understand why it cannot be deleted as it’s not complete - it was just me trying to get buildings up before the event started and then the event did not use that building
    Last edited: 25 January 2019
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  5. Agree (y)
    Same happen with me i start to build and then i found its an event buildings and leave it waiting for the event came back.
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  6. Wow, being stuck with duty free is bad enough but not being able to sell (delete) an incomplete building sucks!
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  7. CajsaMacD

    CajsaMacD VIP Flyer

    C'est la vie! I made that mistake in a previous event, and as I was desperately short on airport space I paid dearly (14-odd greenies) to finish it and then being able to put it in storage - you never know if or when these old event buildings will be reused!
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