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The Land of Opportunity 2018 - event award

Discussion in 'Airport City Quests and Star Club forum' started by Husam, 29 June 2018.

  1. Event completed as well. Thanks in advance for the banner! (y)
    Screenshot_20180708-001554_Airport City.jpg
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  2. guanoe

    guanoe VIP Flyer

    Completed. Thanks

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  3. Wasn't even planning on doing this event, but with 3 days left, I saw I only needed to complete the United We Stand collection to finish the event, so I did.

    Land of Opportunity.gif
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  4. Completed and remembered to send it in on time!

    Screenshot (23).png
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  5. 1 week we go again ha no rest for the wicked so we are very wicked indeed :ROFLMAO:Screenshot (3).png
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  6. Thank you to whoever moved this to the correct location.
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  7. That's been said before LOL!
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  8. ;)(y)
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  9. Me too! I’ve completed. Thanks

    Attached Files:

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  10. Event copmleted
    ewent opl.png
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  11. Completed and looking forward to receiving another cute reward !!Screenshot_2018-07-12-14-48-01.png
  12. The Land of Opportunity - Event completed. Thank you

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  13. 06735D29-64B2-4260-8431-5E02152AB37F.png06735D29-64B2-4260-8431-5E02152AB37F.png Completed last day. I am with ios so i had less days to complete but i finally accomplish it. Thank you for the banner
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  14. Hi! Can I take the award? Here is the pic:
    Американская неделя.jpg
    Thanks in advance!
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  15. Troglodyte69

    Troglodyte69 350+ Star Club

    Android, iPad
    Trog23, Troglodyte2, Troglodyte96 (04my820d)
    Trog23. Troglodyte2, Troglodyte96
    Job done, badge please.400327FC-DCFA-4F1A-AA87-961ECCF7BF05.jpeg
  16. Thanks!
    Screenshot_20180709-114330_Airport City.jpg
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  17. Totally forgot to post this here :whistle:

  18. Screenshot (98).png
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  19. Completed!

    Attached Files:

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  20. Here is mine. Thanks!

    Attached Files:

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