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The Land of Opportunity 2018 - event award

Discussion in 'Airport City Quests and Star Club forum' started by Husam, 29 June 2018.

  1. Please post a picture (screenshot) of the completion page or of the reward.
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  2. DarekK

    DarekK 1200+ Star Club


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  3. Haha you sped up a bit, thought it was just me and you playing for a while there yesterday
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  4. Screenshot_20180629-171327_Airport City.jpgScreenshot_20180629-171327_Airport City.jpg
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  7. Sam111

    Sam111 350+ Star Club Active Member

    AAA One Stop


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  9. No not forget an the bodge is there one of the staff members give it to you already before me ;) (y)
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  10. Completed today.
    Thanks for the badge in advance

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  11. chantelitee

    chantelitee Member

  12. Finished. First event in a while that I had to play from scratch. I had just started playing when this event was released the last time. Thanks in advance for the award. :)

    Land of Opportunity 2018.JPG
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  13. Completed !!!!!Screenshot_20180630-220205.png
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  14. 405E7397-5502-4326-A6AF-734A0417960B.jpeg Here you go ... Thanks in advanced and good luck for all the pilots
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  15. Completed , Thank you :)
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  16. Event completed please may I have the award thanks in advance

    Land of Opportunity.png
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  17. Screenshot_20180701-071125.png
    Thanks !
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  19. This was my last never-have-played-it-until-now event (at least, amongst the ones I know of).
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  20. Many thanks for the award @Husam sorry about the mix up :)(y)
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