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Terminal 11 items

Discussion in 'Trading Discussion' started by Madge59230, 10 September 2018.

  1. There are a few of us looking for Terminal 11 items and there seems to be a lot of self balancing scooters around but other items are harder to find.

    Can anyone help @Madge59230 ,@Dafsade ,@Capt.S ?
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  2. I can send massage chair if you want, that's to all three of you.
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  3. Imagine a big kiss on the cheek to say thank you!! Yes please. Can return NM unless you need something else?
  4. Yes, NM will be good.
    I already sent out all my gifts, so I'll start sending tomorrow.

    @Capt.S, @Dafsade you two also need massage chair, right?
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  5. Absolutely yes :D ! ! the one I miss ! ! Thanks a lot !
    I guess, you still want NM ?
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  6. Thanks a lot @Madge59230 ! !
  7. Yes sir...thank you!
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  8. Yes please!
  9. @Madge59230, @Capt.S, @Dafsade

    I believe I have sent out 9 massage chairs so far, and will send you the last one after the reset tomorrow.
    Could you please confirm whether I have been counting it correctly?
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  10. Quite right. One more to go. Excellent job, thanks, KingJJ.
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  11. Absolutely right ! thanks a lot for helping @KingJJ :D !
    Whenever you need Something, just let me know !
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  12. Can you continue with 6 magnetic flaw detectors? I'll keep sending nav modules?
  13. Ok I will. But can you return Fruit Lollipop instead?
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  14. uschu

    uschu Active Member

    Hi Guys,
    I can send Patrol Robots and still need everything apart of Balacing Scooters.
    Please let me know if I can help one of you or if you may be able to help me.

    Today my game did not reset but I hope it will be ok tomorrow again.

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  15. Hi
    Can you send me message chair , I will send you what you need .
  16. Hi
    I need 8 Patrol Robot , I can send Patrol Robot too .
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  17. Sure I will. If you return Fruit Lollipop, it would be great.
  18. Can do you some sorting robots from tomorrow. Getting a bit tight for gifting. Can you return lollipops please.
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  19. Sure I will send you fruit lollipop on reset day .
    Thanks ;)
  20. Perfect and thanks as always.
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