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Stop letting people remove neighbors from launches

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by Unipocalypse, 12 June 2018.

  1. Unipocalypse

    Unipocalypse New Member

    Windows PC
    I wasted several resources trying to help a neighbor with his launch and he removed me from his group. If they're allowed to remove people from helping with launches, we should at least get back what we lost trying to help them. It's frustrating and rude.
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  2. Indeed it is frustrating and rude that is the reason why we only accept forum neighbours and we launch with them all the times to avoid these types of things and the other advantage is that we can communicate.

    P.S. Get your signature up.
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  3. A Merryflyer

    A Merryflyer Active Member

    A Merryflyer
    I think sometimes one players help is another players hijack.

    My rule of thumb is assume any player who has started a launch wants first place - irrespective of how long the launch has been on the pad - unless you can communicate with them. Don't follow that and you risk getting kicked off the launch.

    I have plenty of non-forum members, and I find the hijackers are equally mixed between forum and non-forum members. I will mention no names!

    As much as I don't like to generalise, experience tells me to be very wary of any non-forum neighbours with a Cyrillic name who are coming close to hijacking.
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  4. What were the circumstances of the launch? For example...How many points had the host added? Was there others on the launch? Did you surpass anyone? Was it a private launch? How many points did you contribute?

    There are several reason why a host may delete you. I really don’t think most would delete for no reason. Are you still neighbors? Is he on the forum? You can ask if so.

    Like @A Merryflyer said “one players help is another players hijack” and I will also add another players slack.... some people also want you to contribute more than a small amount unless you have discussed....everyone has different rules....

    Therefore, it’s better to have majority forum members as neighbors. ....but as stated above...they can hijack also...I’ve had it happen a few times.... I also don’t try for first unless discussed or if it was the final hour and no one is putting in points to ensure it’s going to launch. Also, if others have put in significant points for 2nd and 3rd....I don’t jump them either.
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  5. I think that opening another thread on this topic and, as your very first post, you probably won’t find a lot of support in here for your argument. It was brought in for a reason. Have a search and read the many other similar threads with 100s of comments and you may get a slightly different appreciation of why it was introduced. Try “hijacker” or plural for a start.
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  6. A really good question but taking it a step further, if your points added still counts toward the launch after you get your *** kicked out, does a QL still give them a boost??

    If not, then the yokes on them
  7. No, it doesn’t. I only remembered that yesterday when I booted one of my supports from a launch and ended up flying around for much longer than I’d planned :).
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  8. There is proper etiquette when doing launches. If someone has more than twelve hours left to launch, dont trump the starter. Less than twelve hours and barely any points submitted should indicate they dont have it to give, or no one else does either who joined. Ive learned as a host, that if I am waiting on QLs or others to join, you can alter your profile to tell others to wait 4 QL or wait. But again some do not read or understand English.
    You just really have to get to know those you can and cant launch with so you dont lose precious resources.
  9. Dont you know you aren't supposed to kick out you yourself and moi
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  10. I know you just tried that to see if you could keep the bonus
  11. Actually, I wanted one the supports to put the bulk of the fuel in but didn’t want it taking first place. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong one to use and only realised after launching. Just when you think you’re being clever, she slaps you down :p:ROFLMAO:.
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  12. Personally, I like to do slow launches sometimes to get rid of some of the smaller fuel items...I try not to launch those for at least 20 hours...and it’s the final hour that I put in most of the fuel points....I have learned to use a dedicated launch support account to host these launches...because I have a few select neighbors that seem to understand that if 3 accounts are on the same launch with such a small amount of points not to join...and if join...Put in a small amount because it’s going to be a long ride.
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  13. Natalia slapped you?
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  14. No, my imaginary friend, often referred to as God.
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  15. Kevin1010

    Kevin1010 350+ Star Club

    The thing is So many people So many thoughts.
    Reading this confirms this. Even vets like @Bob69bob and @KenDuckySmith

    Risk launching with ppl not from the forum is big. But in the beginning its hard to have neighbours.

    On a other Side u learn by mistake. I even also hijacked sometimes not on purpose.
    Even my friend @Teboho once lol.

    One time i pressed a peb by mistake. So its not that just its on purpose when someone hijacked.
    Like u launching with a group and u think it was ur turn to captain.

    I usually check forum or game name or even send a message on forum.
    My self i state in my name not take first for example.
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  16. :LOL::LOL::LOL:
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  17. I think we have all accidentally tapped a PEB by mistake at some stage and mistakenly jumped to the front. There’s nothing better, if you’ve done that, than being able to jump on the forum and send an apology.
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  18. My answer is no. I had to let someone off in order for them to finish the event and I couldn't get anyone to join with a QL. If I couldn't kick him off, he would have not been able to finish the event.
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  19. I’ve done something similar as well. I joined the wrong launch and needed to get kicked so I could join the right one :).
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