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Show Us Pictures of Your Town or City

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by KenDuckySmith, 5 May 2018.

  1. Show off your snapshots of your town or city.AirportCity_2018-05-05--09-36-15.jpgAirportCity_2018-05-05--09-36-31.jpgAirportCity_2018-05-05--09-36-52.jpgAirportCity_2018-05-05--09-37-08.jpg
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  2. WrongWay

    WrongWay Active Member

    Windows PC
    W.W. Feldman
    Small But I'm working on it...
  3. WrongWay

    WrongWay Active Member

    Windows PC
    W.W. Feldman
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  4. I got one side left on the city part and don't know where I'm at airport land area. I'm not sure if airport area and city area are equal parcels or not.
    Next land sale I'm going to finish off the city side of residential and add remaining greenies to airport land area.

    BTW that's just one airport city. ANF2 and 3 have been getting expansions lately. The rest of them 4-9 are more support but I do work them slower
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  5. Here are mine ;):)






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  6. upload_2018-5-5_17-59-18.jpeg
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  7. AirportCity_20180506_013531.png
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  8. Mine is small..but quite effective..AirportCity_20180506_214048.png
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  9. Started out verry small but after 3years sweat and lots off money and with the help i got from this forum
    this is were i got :D
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  10. Still impressive !!
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  11. OK, dumb question here. I see how to take a screenshot with the game, but where the heck do you find it? :confused::confused::confused:
  12. Normally in your pictures/photos gallery. or is that not what you where asking??
  13. No - nothing there. :( I know on my android game that's where I find it, but not on Windows. :confused: @KenDuckySmith @mo elbo You play on windows - how'd ya do it????
  14. i found those pictures in file explorer look for This pc then in images
  15. OK - still no screenshots to be found. Went through the entire computer! So, just used combination screenshot & snipping tool. :D:D:D Where there's a will, there's a way!

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  16. Android:
    Open File Manager -> Pictures -> Screenshots -> The name of the photos always start with AirportCity_.....png

    C:\Users\your.user.name\Pictures\Airport City (The name of the photos always start with AirportCity_.....png)

    In both go for search just type Airportcity and you find all the screenshot of your city with format .png (y)
  17. Serious Duh moment!facepalm_80_anim_gif.gif Thank you Husam. I looked in my Pictures and didn't see it. I think it just magically appeared! :D
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  18. You have take screenshot first and save it

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