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Windows Rock the sky 2018 stage L3 drops

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Husam, 24 July 2018.

  1. Why the drop is so bad from the stage level 3 ?
    Now a few minutes go i was watching when i click to collect the last item and complete the event (Must completed with me before 4 days) and the item is gone vanish.
    I think most of the players some of them they send me PM asking how to complete the event is there any bonuses to use so maybe this is the reason some of us did not get the items and vanish from the collection and no one notes that please confirm if this happen to you and those not completed yet and waiting for last item keep your eyes and take screenshot the moment you got the item then go and collect.
    I open a ticket and wait for the Gi support reply and i will updated here what happen (y).
    The other account the drumstick is not counted at all there its 0 always :(
    Last edited: 26 July 2018
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  2. I thought I must have just misread my count! I had 1 Woodstock Nostalgia collection completed, but now I have 0. Unfortunately I didn't do a screen cap when I had the one collection. Will keep my eyes open in case it happens again though. Thanks for the heads-up, Husam!
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  3. Same here! On my Crescnt2 game I was sure I completed 4 collections, and only needed one more drop to finish #5. Now I only have 3 completed, and need 3 more drops. At about 1 drop per day, I don't see that happening.
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  4. Today happen again with my account Husam i completed and its not counted back to zero.
  5. Sinuhe

    Sinuhe Member

    Dear all,
    you loose your already collected collection. I have a different issue. In the last 24 hours I haven't received any item of black collection.
    I think that I've tried at least 60/80 times in three accounts and zero drops. I want to complete the adventure just in my main account. I need two items (obviously the same one two times). With this percentage of drops I think that it will be almost impossible,
    Has anyone the same issue or is just bad luck?
  6. I still don't have 1 collection from the Woodstock collection, and drop rate is very, very poor so don't think that I could complete this event. All the other collections I've obtained already.
  7. I got a reply from Gi there is a problem with some accounts.
    They work on it and maybe today it will be fixed this about stage L3 drop.
    About my second account the drumstick not counted and still 0 balance also they try to fixed and i think today.

  8. I don't understand how it is possible that some accounts have issues whereas others do not !

    They do an event, and some players have 0 drumstick... It is totally unfair ! I hope they will compensate those players !
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  9. They did not fixed till now for me its OK 0 drumstick but the problem next event it will be the same this what i am thinking about (n)
    The other account still i did not complete the event every day watching the drop item but cannot click to completed its vanish :hilarious::hungover::wacky:
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  10. The fix didn't work for me. I lost another item today at the same time a different item dropped (fortunately and unfortunately I had 10 of the one that I lost and 9 of the one I dropped. Are you having trouble with alliance flights missing as well? Just wondered if the two could be connected.
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  11. I complete the event the last drop got it finally but the drumstick 0.
    I did the event in 3 accounts just one complete but soon you will get the last item still there is time L3 stage drop every 30 minutes.
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  12. My Crescnt2 game crashed, and I lost 10 days of the event. I also lost all my drumsticks, but then half of them showed back up. :confused::confused::confused: That same game quit counting Condor alliance flights on Wednesday, and also didn't count the first 10 TP flights last Sunday. I checked again yesterday, and still not counting. I've given up on GI support. My other 2 games are fine.
  13. Ouch! Glad your other games are ok, but how frustrating!
  14. At least I finished it on 2 games. Happy about that. :)

    By the way, I don't think we are neighbors on Crescnt2 or Crescnt3. If you want to send me a request, I'd love to have you as a neighbor again.
    Crescnt2 20vynh23
    Crescnt3 04jgltbo (5th digit is an L)
  15. Just stepping away from my computer for a bit but will send invites when I get back. Thanks!

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