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please help me for mission control center level 3

Discussion in 'Trading Discussion' started by user bb, 22 November 2017.

  1. i need help for mission control center level 3/
    i don't see anybody that has the antenna's needed, i have posted in the trading thread but no one responded
    please let me know if you can help in any way thanks
  2. @user bb once you get a MCC level 3 the ability to gift antennas disappears. This presents difficulty getting them, but I upgraded to level 3 a few weeks go, and discovered that I already had 8 of the 16 antennas gifted. Then Madlen gifted some every day after I started the build (it takes 6 days). Your best hope is to frequently check new form members - thay are the least likely to have upgraded to MCC3 and most likely to have antennas to gift.
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  3. pete blake

    pete blake 150+ Star Club

    Windows PC
    I have Offset Gregorians to gift - but I have an avatar. (Unusual stipulation) Now there's a dilemma............
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  4. sent you req
  5. pete blake

    pete blake 150+ Star Club

    Windows PC

    Neighbour request accepted. First of 4 items sent. Please could I have Wireless Compass by return.

    Thank you

  6. sorry didnt see your post

    i need only one more from you

    ill send what you asked for
  7. pete blake

    pete blake 150+ Star Club

    Windows PC
    Do you know anyone else who has Offset Gregorians? I need some too.....

  8. I need antennas for MCC3. All of them . If anyone can please send me. Thank you in advance
  9. I also need the antennas for MCC3.Thank you very much.
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  10. LjGibbs

    LjGibbs 150+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    Windows PC
    Sorry Nick I've checked both my accounts and cant send them from either (n)
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  11. Can you not watch videos for MCC 3 to gain resources to complete building? I’m just about to upgrade my MCC 3 and Im getting concerned that I will need to ask neighbors if I can’t watch videos?
  12. Dancing Dolphin

    Dancing Dolphin New Member

    Android, Windows PC
    DolfinAir F20
    Hi, I am also trying to find antennas for Mission Control Center Level 3. I will check my neighbors but I noticed I can't gift them antennas to get some in return. Let's hope Madlen works!
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  13. Patentd

    Patentd Member

    I’m not sure what antenna you need. I can gift a Yagi-Uda antenna if needed.
  14. If you can't send those antennas, you are not able to receive them !
    So, only Madlen or videos can help you ! !
  15. Are you sure? I couldnt gift last time i needed them but coukd receive them. The problem is finding people who can send them.
  16. really ? ? it is really strange !
    usually, you can only receive what you can send (I mean, for example, you can receive CT10 item only if you can send CT10 item. otherwise, you will receive P5 or F3...). If you do not have the category in your gift list, you can't receive it ! I guess, if someone sends to you now one item for MCC3, you will receive P5 or F3 !
  17. Crescent moon sent me some , so dont think youre right here. Its not related to level. If you can build level 3 as you have level 2, you can get them as gifts. Its a bug of some sort that you dont get them to gift, but it doesnt stop you receiving them.
  18. I can send and also need some antennas for my support account Qujair if you like we can trade. Let me know.
  19. That post of mine goes way back on January. My mcc3 was build long ago and i don't have the ability to gift any antennas ,sorry
  20. LOL... sorryyyyy... I did not notice the date.
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