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New mission is out...

Discussion in 'Forum News & Information' started by Dempsi72, 23 January 2018.

  1. stage is the new mission. Need speakers, power amplifiers, headlights and fog machine.
    Who can help send items?
    I will send items back...
  2. Dempsi72 likes this.
  3. Dempsi, have sent you a spotlight. You can send me jackets in return. MT.:)
  4. @Dempsi72 send me a request, i can help you with something also event related
    Dempsi72 likes this.
  5. You can add my accounts...I have 2 with the codes in my signature and we can exchange events items.
  6. @Dempsi72 add me I'll send amplifier and jacket and you can send me event building items first then jackets.
    Dempsi72 likes this.
  7. I did it... (y)
  8. Check it, i send a request (y)
    Teboho likes this.
  9. Check your list I add you (y)
  10. Done o_O

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