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New Game Started

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by crescent moon, 17 March 2019.

  1. Well, I finally convinced a friend of mine to give Airport City a try. She downloaded it, and started to play. First thing we noted was she started with 0 stars instead of the usual 3. "Must be because you're a new player" I said.

    Then the expansion sale popped up, but only 20% off. :( Again, "Must be because you're a new player". :confused::confused::confused: "I've never seen this before." An hour later, a new expansion sale box popped up - 40% off. "Whew - sure glad you didn't buy land at 20% off - maybe it will rever to the usual 50% of in another hour." It didn't - the expansion box disappeared and did not come back.

    She then said - "I have a 100 item limit also - because I'm a new player, right?. This isn't the same game that you play." Then she uninstalled the game. :(:(:(

    I wonder how many other potential players have deleted their games?:(:(:(
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  2. It’s two different games with the 100 item limit.

    I’ve noticed that the sales and a few other things are different early on. It’s not hugely different but still a bit different, but I guess I’d expect some of it
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  3. A lot!
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  4. 100 item limit will always remain to be a controversial move especially to the players who KNOW about it.
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